The BOA and Other Spirits I've worked with

Greetings! I’ve decided to create a post to discuss/thank the BOA spirits that I have worked with. I may also include other spirits as I do have interactions them as well. This is also to document my progress as I intend to build deeper relationships with these wonderful entities.

First is For’tash - For’tash is BAE. He is THE remover of obstacles! Over the last month he has helped me immensely with internal issues and blockages. He comes through so quickly on these internal problems to create changes within yourself that, in a weeks time you probably won’t recognize yourself. He is amazing. I can’t recommend him enough. I had a ton of internal blocks and once I listed them to For’tash in evocation, they were removed. I could actually feel them lift from me as the days when by. He is a gem.

Next we have Glas’yos whom someone else on this forum recommended to me. Came through during this mercury retrograde period and lifted the melancholy, anxiety and other issues away so that I could make clearheaded decisions and not act out of fear.

And next is Salas’ash. I requested a financial gain within seven days from him and on day six I made a sale.It was only one sale but he came through. But that could be because I worded my request so vaguely. But in the BOA it says not to ask for a specific amount. Any questions, comments or advice is welcomed.


Forgot to add that Salas’ash is very British, lol.j He is very friendly and informal and didn’t really go in for formal praise.

Just an update on the latest BOA spirit that came through for me. I had a co-worker that kept causing me trouble in subtle ways. During this epidemic that person went into overdrive to make me look bad to my fellow employees. Well I called on Hah’kla’tor to help in a particular way. This week that co-worker was called out and insulted. Then the clique she formed to harass me was torn apart with internal strife and discord due to her actions. Thank to Hah’kla’tor.

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