The blessings of Jupiter

Please use the sidereal system to find out the position of planets. If in sidereal you are a Virgo ascendant and Jupiter is in Libra. Jupiter will be in the second house. Don’t let the software confuse you cause they are some who will put Jupiter in 1st house even though it is Libra because of degrees. You should count houses sequentially.

Jupiter in 1st house: best placement for Jupiter, the individual is dignified, respected in his community, he’s intelligent, lucky and prosperous in general. The sign in which Jupiter is will determine the level of goodness.

Jupiter in 2nd house: when the person was conceived they were a lot of family members (uncle, aunts etc…) in the house so the child will become the child of the large family. Whenever the individual wants to start some new ventures or good stuff in his life, he must gather his family, share with them the good news.

Jupiter in 3rd house: if Jupiter is in Scorpio then the person may have siblings that he’s not aware. Secret siblings or jealous best friends. Generally Jupiter in 3rd house tells the person to seek more business or earn his money through personal effort. The aspect on the 11th house suggest the person must travel very often in distant land to make a living.

Jupiter in 4th house: good placement, here the god is caring to you, will give you a big house and a large family. God is also very far from you but you can feel him in your heart. Greta for intuition especially in cancer, Pisces, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Jupiter in 5th house: very good placement, glory is coming through your children or your past life deeds. If Jupiter is in a good sign then life becomes so easy. The person get things through his past life deeds and is well educated and perhaps will be a teacher or professor

Jupiter in 6th house: when the person was born there were disputes within the house, the child inherited the germ of disputes and obstacles in life. So here the ancestors will push the person to resolve dispute, to be healthy and not telling lies to have something in return. If Jupiter is being ill influenced. The person will not care at all regarding his debts and will keep on contracting them, will drink and smoke a lot because of the aspect of Jupiter in the 2nd house of mouth.

Jupiter in 6th house depending on the sign and other placement will either make a person resolve conflicts and obstacles or creating them.

Jupiter in 7th house: problems with oxygen, respiratory distress. Jupiter represents life, oxygen when in the 7th house of other people/ and partner. It’s like giving away your oxygen to others so the person may be quite fit and healthy but when he catches a flu or cough, it hits very hard.

Jupiter in the 7th house is good for business and sales cause he will multiply your sellings however for mariage it can be tricky, he will multiply your parters too. You may find normal to be in many relationship.

Jupiter in 8th house: mysticism, miracles and breaking the cycle of curses in your family lineage. You will always talk about living a legacy before dying. Accidental born, a child of miracles.

If in female chart, you will get married suddenly, the husband will be chubby, a broad nose.

Jupiter in 9th house: very very good, ancestors are right with you. Strong enough to protect you and to put you in a bossy position at work. You won’t even need to pray. They are there and they will come through your children. So you may a child who is your direct ancestor.

They will make sure you achieve your destiny. Especially if there’s harmony between the 9th lord, Jupiter and the ascendant.

Jupiter in 10th house: the person brings his faith at work. If for eg the individual doesn’t like Christians, he will never do business nor work with a christian.

The person may do good or bad things in career because he believes in something and he will try to make the public accept his faith. But still in the 10th house Jupiter will expand the career, the person will be well known and popular.

Jupiter in 11th house: have many friends, do things for the sake of humanity, new technology, love to gather people around him to share his unique idea. But it takes a lot of effort for the masses to accept those ideas. Great income too from career and business. The person can easily becomes rich if there’s harmony between Jupiter, the 11th lord and the 2nd lord.

Jupiter in 12th house: the person was born somewhere during a travel or close to a border. No attach with ancestors, the individual doesn’t believe in ancestral power. He believes in the god inside him but he can’t feel or see him even during a ritual.

The blessing of this person will take place in foreign land or with foreign people or companies. Father will have a big house and cars hopefully the person will inherent them.

The problem with Jupiter in the 12th, the person believes nothing can touch him because of god, he doesn’t care about his enemies, about his debts and death. Jupiter gives monks attitude.

To appease Jupiter, one should donate sweets :lollipop: to his ancestors and to kids.

If you are preparing something big in your life, look for a place in higher altitudes, sit there and invoke your favorite god, even if it’s Lucifer or Satan. It doesn’t matter. Especially if Jupiter is in the 4,6,8 and 12th house. Already people with this placement you already notice that you love traveling or you went to foreign land.

If you can’t go in higher places, do astral travel or visualize you are flying on top of a mountain.

If you are a christian or don’t mind using Jesus, you can say: Elai Beni Al manah ( help, son of the virgin). It is a gnostic word of power.

E-luh ( E like in GET)


AL ( like in Albert)
Ma- nah


What is interesting for me is that my Jupter is in Virgo and I can see in my face the qualities of Virgo when I try to see it. Despite the fact that every person has lot of signs, so all of them can be seen in a face.

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Hey I do not understand what you are trying to say

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good to know :smiley: … the chubby part.

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I just say that I met with people that don’t believe or accept that everybody has zodiac signs beside the sun sign, but If we look at the physical face of a person then we can see the moon sign or even the jupiter sign of a person, especially when the person what he is doing is activated by his jupiter sign, for example when somebody want to deeply understand something. Or is a person has libra in her ascendant then when she try to talk about how to improve ourselves we see libra face qualities in her face for that moments. Our face bones (not the muscles) can morphe quickly when we change what we are doing physically at the moment.

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:joy::joy::fire: good to know too

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Oh yeah very true. Sometimes you will even see that animal symbol of the zodiac on the person’s face

Very interesting post, I like this series based on planets.
In my chart Jupiter sits in the 12 house with Moon and under Leo sign. What can you tell me about this particular position of Jupiter?