The Black Rooster

I keep having consecutive dreams of a black figure setting a black rooster on fire. He makes me watch and listen. The rooster makes a god awful sound. It seems so real and vivid. Any ideas on this?

In many civilizations the rooster was a symbol/sacrificial offering for the solar/fire gods. For example you can search about the god Helios of ancient Greece and the rituals done in his name and the goddess Amaterasu of the Japanese mythology.
Black animals are now considered “evil” by many, but in ancient civilizations (at least in those that I know of) they were the sacred offerings to the gods with darker aspects (what we would now call “left hand path”), e.g. black dogs for Hekate, black goats for Pan etc.

Hmm thanks for that reply …I don’t know much about the figure other than him being black and seemed to really enjoy the dying rooster.

Why don’t you try to recreate the dream while you meditate? If you think there’s a message for you in this dream then maybe you can try doing this or you can ask this figure who he is/what he wants the next time you have the dream.
There’s a process called dreamwalking and the first steps for this process have helped me a lot to be able to recall dreams, recreate them while meditating and find all those hidden messages I was missing while dreaming.
Dreamwalking is mostly used to enter the dreams of other people or to construct a dreamscape and “invite” the other person there. Then you can make them believe that they’re in their own dream but in fact you’re showing them what you want them to see. Of course there are many other uses for dreamwalking.
But now what I want to say is that you can recreate the dream you are having, with as many details as possible. You may want to separate it into different parts and then ask whatever question you feel like asking to the figure. It might take some time until you see some results but you may receive your answer via intuition… Plus, I think it will help you to be ready to ask the question the next time you have the dream in case you can’t become lucid for whatever reason.

Interesting, yes I thought dreamwalking was for entering others dreams…but I will give this a shot thanks.