The Black Pullet

The Black Pullet is actually realized or not, King Paimon’s book. He is the mysterious turbaned old man that shows the lost French soldier all the various sigils and trinkets.


@charles9 have you used the talismans from the black pullet to transport yourself somewhere or teleport? does it actually work? I am looking to try that but don’t know what will happen and how to correctly use that

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I’ve used it once or twice with helping in soul travel. But for physical teleporting?

Short answer no, long answer is it might give some aid at the beginning of that path. I’ve no reason not to believe a person couldn’t learn that skill but it would require years, most likely decades of single minded devotion to that one goal at the expense of everything else.


While I personally prefer to make my own stuff like this, I have periodically seen the the full set, on etsy.

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When you used it, what happened? Did you go to the location you wanted to see but in the astral world

Essentially yes, but as you can imagine there’s a bit more to it, once you get the hang of things like opening sigils, scrying and building a body of light (i think it’s called) then you take all that to the next step and use that seal to help project your consciousness to wherever you wish it to go.

@XCrazy_mos The first thing to understand about teleportation and telekinesis is that they are the exact same principle as walking or moving something about physically, both are done by spirit/mind but one is something you are temporally accustomed to and therefore the other seems very “hard”. All things exist but attachment–and it can be quite restrictive–to one habitual consciousness makes other states hard to accept even but they exist.

I think this book works more than anyone realizes. I’m still finding golden eggs. Not as expected where I just go cash in gold eggs. But they are showing themselves everywhere and in the most unexpected ways


All things work because consciousness is the key. You are the consciousness, the goose, and you are the one laying those eggs. This whole reality is an illusion of consciousness. Yes, the Black Pullet does “work” I use it to–anything to you can accept, sometimes even half-way, will “work”. There, I have now completed my daily, yet ever valid, “consciousness” rant.

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@charles9 did you ever use the circle?

I haven’t . I did use the talisman and made my own make shift ring. I believe I posted some of the results on this thread.

But im curious about the circle. I might try stepping it up a bit and see what happens.

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Nope, once i bought a universal circle i got a bit lazy about such things. :sweat_smile:

Please do let us know what your impressions are of it if you give it a go. :+1:

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Ah, I do have the universal circle.

But I kinda have a fetish for circles :joy:

I found someone who makes them, and I’m thinking of trying it out.

I will definitely post any new results or findings here if I do. And give my impressions of it. :grinning:

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Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the best because its not as crazy as the original talking about silk embroidered Lol LEGIT!

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As I read more on this, I realized the talismans are flawed by design. Make sure if you are female you look at the talisman you’re drawing bc it may have, the Seduction one for example, the sign for male ♂️. Which means it’s gender specific. You may need to change that to female ♀️.

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Cool. Thanks for the tip. :blush:

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