The Black Pullet

Did anyone work with this grimoire, any good results?

Yeah it’s a cool grimoire. You can charge all the big pictures in there the same way you would sigils. Just ignore the ‘three words’ or whatever and the little symbols below them.

So it is like some of the other grimoires, you ignore the medieval stuff and go on for charging the sigils.


Sigils, squares, seals = meat and potatoes

Unruly spirits, despite what the grimore says are usually not unruly if you treat them with respect, and if they need to be coerced, it will be with your will alone.
You are a god, act like one. Prayer to another is not needed.

With this little tidbit, you can access the entire meat and potatoes of any grimore. The rest is just mystical fluff essentially, and let’s not forget…Results vary.


try to avoid opening the sigils on your book, the idea of opening a sigil you drew is opening a gateway, this gateway is closed when it is burned, and it’s ashes are carried by the wind, or (possibly more properly) buried carried away by stream.

Remember from E.A.'s work, he sheds reason on this by explaining that the elements exist between both spiritual and physical, and overlap in both carrying different qualities and characteristics to both sides. However, you can essentially use an element for this property in your magickal work, it’s not something I see mentioned here but it is incredibly useful for learning how to dispel magick, or ground out certain energies with the aid of the element itself.

Essentially, the fire burns the gate, and the water or earth (maybe even air) are ritually used to bind it. I’ve rarely burned sigils and had the ash taken away, but there are times when the spirit summoned wind and wished it’s ashes were dispersed in this manner.

There are ways to get around using a medium but if your sigil is on printed paper, that’s your medium.

However, I wonder if he’d be kind enough to tell us if we opened a sigil in one of his books if it can be closed without burning such a treasured work of art, love, information and power.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Use the three words. Say them once like a Key.