The Black Lust: An Occult Paranormal Short Story (Adult Fiction, Strong Language)

The Ritual

She gathered her courage and mental fortitude as she stepped into the Circle, prepared to Summon the Grand Demon of Ascent/The Supreme God of Destruction.

At the Sound of her words the Air thickened, lights flashed, the smell of rotting flesh entered the room, and her panties moistened as the Grand Demon stepped foot on mortal soil.

“I-in the n-name of El Sh-Sh-Shaddai…I call you forth!”

The Demon stepped near her outside the Triangle and came dangerously close, making her wetter the closer he got His breath reeking of Destruction and Blood, the signs of Fresh conquest.

Growling in a tone that is half human, he speaks,
“Why have you summoned me, Whore?”
As he steps even closer

“I have summoned you here today…to… (fuck!)…to destroy me. To destroy all that is weak and dying so that i may be reborn!”

Thunder pealed and Cracked at the laughter of this Demon for he knew that she was lying. That wasnt her true desire.

“Foolish woman. Do you really think you can lie to a Grand Demon? I know your true desires…”

Glancing down at her dripping pussy…

“And it most definitely isnt for Ascent.”

The young mages legs started to shake and grow weak as thoughts of fucking the Demon penetrate her mind.

“E-El Sh-shaddai…help!”

“Your God is powerless and cannot help you. Allow me to show you the way…”

He reaches into the circle and starts fingering the Black Mage and spanking her ass cheek, grabbing it in his hand and He lays her down on the pentagram that was drawn earlier in ritual preperation.

She squirms viciously but to her suprise is chained and collared.

She is no longer in her temple.

She is in Hell in the Claws of the Grand Demon, Micah, And is about to feel sexual flames torch her pussy and body for Eternity




This is based on a true story?


True in the sense that i know its happening somewhere in le astral/world :joy:


It better be. We all for dat real shit here. :triumph::ok_hand:


Can I just say, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well written this is :ok_hand:


Guess how old she was…

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Oi. Is she clapped?


Beyond belief my nigga

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Ayyye… my morning brain is still starting up. I ain’t that math shit now homes😂

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Lololol :joy:
cough She 18 Cough


She only starting on her adventures. :smiling_imp::ok_hand:

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I wanted to go lower (16) but i was like nahhh

Shit like this you can only do in Denmark :joy:

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What about a civilization?

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What do you mean

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In the huts of some village tribe, an old man makes a pact with a grand Demon, spilling his blood on the idol.

“Deliver unto me eternal life and the world itself, and thou shalt have all the pussy in every city of man!”

And thus the Demon accepted this bargain with a wicked grin.

The world was wrecked in fire and blood until the man’s tribe came to conquer the entire world over hundreds of years.

To this day, a holiday was celebrated at the founding of the empire. Every single woman around the world vetted by the priesthood would evoke the Grand Demon in their homes…



Im stealing le fuck outta this




Imma use that when i evoke Satan again :laughing::joy::joy:

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I feel stifled laughter around me. :rofl:

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