The Black Book of Azathoth (Current 23)

Greetings I have recently just finished my preliminary study of SBQ’s, “The Black Book of Azathoth.” I have slowly begun searching and collecting the trappings to (hopefully) begin the journey soon. Just looking to discuss, contemplate, share, suggest, et all… in regards to the TBBOA and all things associated with it. Please feel free to ask or share whatever you like!


My first question is if any of you have purchased and watched the video course? And if so, your thoughts and impressions.

Welcome to the forum. Please post an introduction in our NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule here.

I bought the course, but not the book. I also haven’t started the course.

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Right at the moment, i am trying to figure out his explanation of the Temple Arte, Circle and Triangles, in the grimoire there is a side note (see illustration) as this is being explained, but there is no illustration.
If push comes to shove, im just going to do my best to reverse engineer it with his explanation, but can any of you provide a clearer explanation of the set up? aka: this would be for the main personal temple in ones home

(See attached image)

To give a bit more clarity as to what im actually asking in my above question, the attached image is the way the temple layout reads to me (minus the various tools and accouterments); can anyone provide some clarification if my drawing is correct or not?

I am currently referencing Lovecraft’s stories most quoted in the book; as well as the Ryleh Text and Asenaths Necronomicon Gnosis.
My goal is to create some workings which can be performed a little easier as natural acts of connection/devotion to the Old Ones. I haven’t had a whole lot of luck as of yet.

I did have an interesting experience last night though; nothing mind blowing, but indicative of a response in my opinion, would love to know what others think!

So I sleep with a Crystal Ball on my night stand that has been consecrated with a “general” air to it; its not dedicated to any entity or power in particular other then my own. I use it as a battery to induce more vivid dreams when I am doing any sort of divination or striving for revelation or gnosis during my sleep. Long story short I have a simple method I have adapted to its use that allows me to control the intensity of its “amplification” if you will, that is simple to use, much like a volume knob.
Either way; I decided to sleep with the sigil of Nyarlathotep under my pillow; set the intention of him opening the way to a place within 45 min of wear I live that I could successfully complete the initiatory and consecration work required to fully embark down the path of TBBOA. and to provide any Gnosis as to simple practices like those i mentioned above.
I didn’t get anything mind-blowing, but i did have a unique experience as i fell asleep and a couple times throughout the night, these sensations occurred about three times, and were experienced in the following way:

I could feel my spiritual body becoming loose, which is common for me, a sort of vibratory feeling on the outskirts of my physical form. Similar to watching an after image flicker rapidly.
There was a scent of cold stone which was light but distinguishable in the back of my nose and mouth; what you might smell on a cold fall night in a basement or old building.
Then I felt a sensation of my arms and legs, feeling long and gangling, that there lengths and width were unnaturally long and unnaturally thin with a gentle but definite energetic resonance vibrating in my solar plexus. This last part i have never experienced before (well the limbs that is);
Has anyone experienced similar with the Old Ones or other spirits, and again, any insight, thoughts or comments i would greatly appreciate!


Do you still have “The Black Rites Of Azathoth” video course ?

Yea, me too. I got my post flagged and removed for asking the same
thing last night, so I wonder how your post has stayed here for so long.
Seems this site wants to get like the government, tyrannical.

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Did you ask the mods what happened? Lady_Eva

Post was removed because it was flagged, we don’t permit people to trade in stuff like that on here. :+1:

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I guess I worded it wrong. I was asking because I wanted to know what
the experiences were, whether successful or not. How do you come up
with me or anyone wanting to trade, when such a thing was not said ?
It’s the same as putting words into people’s mouths. I do NOT have the
grimoire, so having the video course would not do much good.