The Bible and Zodiac signs

I am very passionate about astrology and lately I have started to clearly see the effects of zodiac signs and planets on our lives, but I still don’t know if we, human beings, are the influencers or the influenced by zodiac and planets. What is certain for me is that we established our way of living, philosophy, religion, occult based on astrological events. And one of the main examples is the Bible.

First of all If you are reading this, I hope your know a little bit of basics of astrology, the 12th zodiac signs and they characteristics in astrology and the 7 major planets.

Planet sun is the most powerful planet for us, for our planet earth. it is thanks to the sun that there is life on earth and our ancestors had noticed it that too. we can live without mars, saturn, mercury but never without the sun because life would die out on earth. this is why all the mythology of civilizations rests on the sun and some have created legends of it. In each astrological age there will always be a new powerful God who will rise but he will only be the symbol of the movement of the sun in each zodiac signs. Sun also represents the God in us, our soul. no spirit, god, jinn can have access to you if your soul did not want it. Your soul decides of everything, every aspect of your life before even your birth on earth. I will explain below how the movement of sun impacted our beliefs, religion. I ma use the Bible to show the 3 majors astrological ages which are Taurus, Aries and Pisces.

But first how do we determine in which age are we? The age of a particular zodiac sign is determined by the sun. Sun shifts by 1 degree every 72 years, knowing that a zodiac sign is 30 degree long. It takes roughly 2160 years for sun to completely change a zodiac sign when it rises. It means if on each 21st of march sun enters Aries after 2160 years on the same date sun will be rising in Pisces for a period of 2160 years. That’s why western astrology is kinda not very accurate because if you born on the 21st or 22nd of march, you are not an Aries but a Pisces!

In Vedic astrology Aries start from the 15 of April till 15th of May and that’s why they prediction is extremely accurate!
PS: I am not saying that western astrology is wrong. I am just saying that it is not a precise as Vedic astrology.

Relation between God and Men start in the Bible kinda in the garden of Eden where men were living peacefully, relaxed, they didn’t have to work, all the food was found in/or the ground, the soil was very fertile. This reminds a lot of the Taurus sign. Taurus is a sign of relaxation, enjoying life, being careless and unstressed and it is an earth sign, I guess you have already seen where I am going.

During the age of Taurus, men were not working at all, because the earth was giving to them all they wanted and it is a sign ruled by Venus. They were not conscious about their body and I will tell you why later.

By now some are wondering but why Lucifer will make is own age of Taurus collapsing as I said Taurus is ruled by Venus and the serpent that cheated on Eve is often attributed to Lucifer/ Venus/ the morning star?

Actually the serpent is not related to Venus at all nor Saturn/satan. Snakes was another representation of the Scorpio zodiac sign as well as a Scorpio or an eagle. It is the sign of Scorpio which ended the age of Taurus because it is right opposite Taurus and Scorpio is a sign that represents sex and kundalini magic, the serpent that lies in our spine! And Scorpio is ruled Mars!

And you will see that in the next astrological age, there is a prophet that uses a lot of snake representation to do is magic.

After 2160 years Sun shifts completely in Aries. This was the beginning of the age of the Ram! :wink:. In here it is quite obvious to see that it is the age of Mars. Mars became very powerful as it rules the sign of Aries.

The first sign that we see is Abraham wanting to sacrifice Isaac but later God have him an RAM instead. During the first testament of the Bible is about the age of Aries.

In the age of Aries, this God is bloodthirsty, he does not hesitate to kill and there is plenty of war and blood in the old testament. all the angels in the Old Testament seemed to be warriors and even Gabriel. That God was jealous and he wanted to be worshiped alone, but why? because the sign of the ram is an individualist sign. it is the first house in astrology that represents psychic birth, the root chakra. In Aries the individual is clearly aware of his body and does not care about others. he cannot tolerate the opinions of others because it is first and foremost him. this is why when God appears before Moses in a bush of fire which is the element of the ram. God told him “ I am what I am! it is very purely of Aries. and you will notice that when Moses gets out of the mountain with the laws of God written on 2 stones, he saw jews had started to worship a bull God and moses was very angry and considered it a sin because it was no longer the Age of Taurus but of Aries.

And Again what is the completely opposite of Aries, it is Libra, another sign ruled by Venus. This where Venus is very powerful and libra is about others, other people, agreement, marketplace, dealing in equality with people, a win-win deal but Aries doesn’t give a shit about it that why Venus/ the morning star is so disliked in the Old Testament, especially during the age of Aries.

The next age is the one we are currently in, the age of Pisces, it will end around year 2160. During this age Sun entered Pisces. Pisces is the most spiritual sign and it is considered as the sign that help one reach heaven. it is a sign from beyond. there are symbolic representations which show that it is the air of the fish. first of all Jesus only eats fish, he multiplies a loaf and 2 fishes in several times and it is not a coincidence First for the bread because Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary which is the astrological sign of the Virgo and its symbol is a woman holding wheat in her hands. Wheat helps to make bread. and the 2 fishes is the symbol of the sign of the pisces. Jesus himself said he is the water of life. He walked in water etc. During the age of Pisces even the Archangel became peaceful because Pisces is very peaceful and compassionate sign. It is a completely different God compared to the Old Testament one.

The 12 disciples represented the 12 zodiac signs and Jesus represent the Sun in Pisces meaning like every planets and zodiac will follow Sun because Sun is the king, the giver of life. As the 12 tribes of Judah followed Sun when it was in Aries.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter who also doesn’t like Venus. Who ended the ministry of Jesus? Judah of course but why him? I said earlier that the 12 disciples represents each zodiac sign.
Judah was a businessman, it is said he was in charge of the finances in the Bible, he liked trades and he was much loved by Jesus ( Sun god). If you check the characteristics of Judah you will see that he has a nature of the Libra sign a sign ruled by Venus. And also if you are a Pisces ascendant, Libra will be in your 8th house of death, rebirth, resurrection. It is Venus who brought death upon Jesus and because of that Jesus died and resurrected after 3 days. Easter which is symbolically the day Jesus died is celebrated when sun enters the sign of Pisces right after the eclipse to symbolize the rebirth of the Sun God. And It is written that jesus loved Judah.

why would the sun god loves Libra/Venus? Because Venus is the second brightest planet after sun, that’s why it is called the morning star/Lucifer. When the Sun rises you can literally see with your naked eyes Venus and the distance between Venus and Sun is never above 78 degree that means venus will never be 3 zodiac signs ahead or before Sun.

In concussion personally I don’t believe in Jesus as the man that actually lived on earth, not only Jesus but any external gods. I always see them as different aspect of our souls, what our souls want us to learn and the material of learning is the 12th zodiac signs. There is no evil or good because when another age will start, Christianity will also be considered as a false religion with a fake god


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