The Bernie Handfield Experiment

Ok so I was getting ready to do an astral and I mentioned to him that I can do some probability manipulation with dice and etc. And he says, rather surprised sounding, you can do that?! I said yeah I’ve been doing it for a while now. Then he says, have you ever heard of the Bernie Handfield Experiment? I said no. He said you should Google it. So I did and this is what came up. [url=][/url]
Now it’s the third one down in the search results.
This is the one that hit me immediately as what he wanted to show me. [url=][/url]
Is this not far out or what I didn’t see the name Bernie Handfield or anything close to it on the page yet it was the third search result behind a LinkedIn page and notable today page. Crazy right!? You would think after having enough wierd experiences you would get used to it by now but I’m always finding must in amazement. Anyone else have similar experiences? Spirits telling you to Google things? Apparently they use the internet lol.

Ok so it seems I passed it the author of the book I found was Toby Handfield and the book is a philosophical guide to chance.
Some how it was not Bernie it was Toby Handfield.
I had to do some digging in the comments. But there it was.