The Battle Plan Spread (a little gem i came up with while exploring new spreads)

When I got off work today I decided to relax and have a little fun with my Thoth deck.

I was getting bored using the same couple spreads every time and the spreads I’ve gotten out of books just haven’t clicked with me.At least not yet.

I felt like I was limiting my abilities as a reader by sticking to the same old methods despite their great accuracy.

There’s still some kinks I need to work on with my reading like how certain cards in one position correspond with the rest of the spread.

Also after my phone session with TWF last night I realized there’s a lot to the cards that I wasn’t seeing.

Like how a single card can have not just 2 or 3 meanings but literally ARE a diagram of the macro and microcosm which depending on the reading can have a plethora or meanings and interpretations.

I decided to try coming up with my very own unique spread.By doing this I as the creator of the spread would have more of a profound meaning to the cards and thus be able to read them easier and therefore gaining more insight on the cards and their meanings.

I wanted to come up with a spread that could give the reader a plan of defense and attack on any situation that arises.

I toyed around a bit laying out random cards in different patterns trying to figure out which card would symbolize what and how the cards could come together to form a plan.

Thus,The Battle Plan spread was born.

First I will give the meanings of the card positions then will lay out a diagram of how to lay out the spread.

I’ve already used this spread and was surprised at it’s accuracy.

OK here we go

1.The current situation and your position in that situation.Either or,or both depending on the question.
2.The best offensive strategy
3.Your weakness in the situation
4The best defensive strategy
5.Underlining influences that may not be seen or otherwise overlooked
6.The best spiritual solution to your problem
7.The best mundane solution to your problem

I’m thinking about adding another card to show the possible outcome but I don’t know how it would work being the spread is giving you options and paths to take therefore the outcome is still yet to be determined.
On the other hand an 8th card could show what will happen if no action is taken.But we’ll see how it works out as I’ve only used the spread once,but once again it was accurate as hell.

Here’s the diagram

        234.  7
          5.    6

The 6 is placed more between 5 and 4 while the 7 is placed more between 4 and 1.(hope that males sense.I’m trying to say they don’t line up perfectly with the other cards but it’s a small factor that’s not a real big deal)

So there you go folks! The birth of The Battle Plan spread! And it was first announced right here on BALG!(aren’t you folks lucky!)

And yes I will be offering free readings with this spread which I’ll post a thread for right after this one.
But I encourage you guys to try it for yourselves and share your experiences!

See you on the next thread!


I’m so stealing this spread lol :slight_smile:

Give it a shot bro and tell me how it works out for you!

Yeah! Thats the way Musta! Customize your magic so you’ll know yourself from it. Our magic must be an extension of ourselves.

Too bad I have no real decks to try this, the only deck I have is .-.