The Bad Side of Success

We’ve got loads of success story threads, but not many of the “double-edged sword stories” (which I’m sure we all have).

Let’s post up the “yeah, it worked well, too well, and I wish it hadn’t” stories we’ve encountered throughout our journeys. The stories about the love spells that turned a friend into a psycho creeper, and the money spell that caused cars to crash. Let’s share what we did, what happened, and what we’d do differently next time.

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I got the girl.

I’m gay.


I got all the power and saw them for what they were

I was (redacted).

Well, I put out the “perfect” guy I wanted into the universe for months. I got him…but, well, he wasn’t so perfect. Wound up suffering for quite a few years, and while I’m much better nowadays, I’m still paying for it and I’m still not entirely free of the circumstances that harmed me. It’s a rough road, and I feel like the importance of focus with intent is most notable in these moments. Because, the appearance and personality seemed so dang perfect; lean build, long dark hair, gothic style, knows how to dance, dominant personality, into lots of kinky things, seemingly financially/emotionally stable, seemingly in control of himself and his life.


  • That dominant personality became exceptionally needy/co-dependant/borderline narcissistic behind closed doors
  • He had some seriously explosive anger issues
  • No didn’t mean no to him
  • Hygiene was a skill he did not possess
  • Basically everything he presented himself as crumbled within three to six months and it took me years to accept that he wasn’t the person he portrayed himself as

So, yeah, technically I got what I wanted.
I just, seriously wish I didn’t, since it wasn’t worth the other side of things. No amount of sexy gothic dress up can cover up that level of NOPE and the universe certainly had it’s fun making me fall headfirst into it.

This wasn’t the first time this kind of thing happened either. Once I wished to meet a dominant female, someone i could confide in and trust during my difficult living conditions, and that person actually did come along. Except she wound up lying a lot and eventually stabbing me in the back on more than one occasion after eight months of friendship. What a gal, right?

I need to stop asking the universe for specific types of people. XD


Read Part 1 very carefully.

After I broke his hold over me (part 2), he turned obsessive and stalked me for years (mostly online due to being deployed).

There was also an unintended side effect: his two main side chicks (there were at least 6…maybe more…) ALSO harassed me for years (mostly nuisance phone calls - this was before it was possible to unmask blocked phone numbers). I’m not sure if it was the spell or if both of them were as obsessed with me as my ex’s roommate thought they were.

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