The Astral Sanctum Technique For Spirit Evocation

The following technique I’m about to share requires really good visualization skills…

Part 1:

Step 1. Visualize yourself in infinite space ( I usually visualize myself next to a giant astral body version of myself and then a pathway leading to a door in infinite space.

Step 2. Visualize a door while you’re in this infinite space and walk through the door without visualizing what’s on the other side door.

Step 3. When you walk through the door visualize yourself in infinite space again but with nothing around you or under you.

Step 4. Build your astral sanctum by visualizing things in this infinite space by either appearing or building themselves. Visualize The ground, The surrounding area, And everything in the astral sanctum being built around you.

Step 5. When your done keep the astral sanctum the same and visualize yourself walking back through the door that you came in from. And back to the original area of infinite space then visualize yourself de-materializing and open your eyes.

Step 6. Visit your astral sanctum everyday for a week until it starts to materialize on the astral plane to the point where it takes hardly any effort to visualize it then move on to part 2.

Side Note: Many of you may read this and just think its some visualization exercise but from my experience using this technique its definitely far more than that. Because there is the inner astral planes and the outer astral planes. And when you do this exercise you are actually materializing a place on the inner astral planes. And as you continue doing this exercise you will notice that even if you visualize it the same way everytime. When you visit this place enough you will notice that things start to change by themselves based on changes in your magick practices.

Anyway… On to part 2

Part 2:

Step 1. After a week or so you will realize that your astral sanctum will start to fully materialize itself and become more stable once this happens move on to the next step.

Step 2. Visualize and memorize the spirit sigil until you can visualize the spirit sigil completely in your mind with your eyes closed. And completely memorize the Invocation psalm or evocation psalm until you can say it completely with your eyes closed.

Step 3. Now enter your astral sanctum all the way until you enter the door into the main part of your astral sanctum.

Step 4. Now visualize the spirit sigil in your astral sanctum until it completely materializes and you can see it clearly and vividly.

Step 5. Now while looking at the spirit sigil in your astral sanctum say the invocation psalm or evocation psalm then say the spirits name 3 times. And don’t try to visualize the spirit yourself let it materialize in your astral sanctum by itself and then ask the spirit for what you want.

Step 6. Thank the spirit and say goodbye then leave the astral sanctum through the door you came in from and then let your astral body de-materialize and open your eyes.

Anyway… that’s my secret ritual process that I was going to save for my book but I am sharing it because I want to hear your experiences with the technique so I would appreciate some feedback.


I like it. Do you have an easy time memorizing sigils to visualize in the astral? I’ve even had trouble with Olympic spirit sigils and they’re very basic!

I typically just take the core sigil for the spirit within the sigil given. And visualize a circle around it in the astral sanctum and that does the trick.