The Art of Words . . . The Power they May Hold

Hello to all!

Thought it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of this forum. I hope all forms of creative writings and journaling is permitted in the forum, within the paradigm of the rules.

Here, it’s simple. Sharing poems, creative writing, experiences within the practice and inviting all to partake; if interested. Thank you everyone, it’s a relief to have this outlet.

Let us begin :thinking:


Poem ‘Singular’

There’s a singular moment that happens within another moment; that it, itself, feels like a paradox; at least, if it were possible to experience one. Standing directly in between a moment occurring within another. Witnessing them both happening at the same time. What occurs afterwards might be an absolute awe stricken feeling of amazement. Awe struck feeling of amazement, just before every other human emotion settles itself, a home within you.

A moments hesitation, hands gripping one another, raised ever so slightly, to catch the breathe of consciousness trying to escape. Halt, in front of the stairs to the entrance. In the midst of catching the breathe of consciousness, acceptance. First step, this is reality. Second step, must accept that this is reality, third and fourth steps, it has actually happened. A moment’s hesitation, the last step into the automated doors to begin these final farewells.

Concentrating on those faces stationed to greet entering faces of the sorrowful. Averting the gaze to the conductor of these final farewells. Displaying an example of controlled concern leans his direction toward the vastness. That which eye tries to avoid, acceptance. Aware of the obvious truth for the conductors’ direction, a question posed. May a moment be taken for a solitaire final farewell?

As all conductors’ do, a raise of the hand and a gesture onward, guiding the parts to this symphony forward. Into the unavoidable vastness, soft though heavy, the steps leading to the inevitable truth, it has actually happened. Gaze locked advertently, aware of the surroundings of the vastness, not losing the armored stare, focused on what is undeniable; accept that this is reality.

Hands gripping one another, raised ever so slightly, to catch the breathe of consciousness trying to escape. Release, hands reach out whilst taking the final step, falling softly. Hand gripped on the edge of the contained vessel. Touching a familiar cold, a moment, this is reality. Cold arm gripped by a warm hand. Cold chest embraced by a warm hand. Focused on the face of actuality, a pressing reality. Head swelled with the moment pulls down to this familiar cold. One singular somber wail, a final farewell.


’ Becoming something more ’ Qoute Micheal W. Ford

So, I’ve been pretty active at BALG my first two days. I mean no annoyance. I’m sure you know how it is when you first discover something new and intriguing… :sweat_smile: :star_struck:

Pssst: it’s been my weekend off work. When work starts, see you guys later lol

As mentioned in my profile, when something catches my interest, I research the hell out of it lol. Now having this outlet to share thoughts with actual people and not just myself, is a totally inthralling experience. Thus brings this post content to the link provided above. The works from Micheal W. Ford are what educated me to the LHP and opened so many avenues of new thought, i.e. BALG :+1: While looking up E.A. Koetting and other related individual’s (as to learn more about this source and it’s affiliates) this video caught my eye… of course lol Gotta love the timing! :joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you @Sovereign :hugs:

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I am getting interested in luciferian magick and Michael W. Fords works :+1:

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Awesome! Defiantly would like to encourage that. Exploration through many sources such as him, that provide not only their own personal experiences but an open, academic backing; with bibliographies of cited sources used, can prove to be beneficial to some.

I hope you have a great journey!

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Thank you for the kind words ! Ask and you shall see I guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m fairly new as well, it’s only been a year sense my personal journey with it. If you’re ever curious for insight, hope I can be of help. I am no accredited source by any means; just another traveler.

Please forgive me btw if I’m being too bold with that sentiment. I’m not soliciting, just a big fan of Mr. Ford. Hope I’m not breaking any rules of BALG.

So true … life … lol! :laughing:


Not annoying at all. :+1:

Just so you know. :smiley_cat:


Thank you for the validation. This is an awesome site with so many interesting people :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope you’re having a great evening/day.


Poem ‘These Masks’

Here, standing in front of you. Every detail of this face, you feel like you know. Each outline, crease, shade and expression all seem so familiar. Yet this face, its eyes, is a stranger; a new person. You’re sure that this face starring back at you is safe. How could it not be, seemingly non threatening nor too abrasive. This face standing in front portrays only half-truths and foggy mirrors. It is but only an attempt to shield itself from its true identity. Not to lie of its nature or of its motives. Simply to fit in to the masses comprised of countless other half hidden faces. All searching for moral justification, this faces need to hide yet to be seen. Asking, ‘aren’t we all wolves in sheep’s clothing’?


Yes, yes we are.

I like it. :black_heart:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1: :raised_hands:

Thank you darling!!! I appreciate you taking the time! Hope you’re day is going well.

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Thank you for sharing. I love poetry, yours is very vivid and visual. I write myself but in Frisian and Dutch. I tried English but it’s hard even expressing myself well in a convo let alone poetry. I’m fine dear, hope you’re having a great day yourself. Keep them coming. :waxing_gibbous_moon::black_heart:

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That… is… AWSOME!!! Bilingual poet, that’s a real skill! I can agree with English being difficult, expression can be tough some times; but at least we’re trying lol Thank you, I’m grateful! :grin: :hugs: :star_struck: btw I think this convo is going very well!

Do you post any of your work?

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No, I’m not that brave, I’m a huge introvert but maybe I will one day. :blush:

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Right on!! :+1: :grin: Btw glad to know you’re having a good day!

Poem ‘Nature of the Humanl’

There is something evil that isn’t seen. Something sinister that lives within us all, our primitive nature. It’s the human conciseness that makes what is still primitive in us ‘evil’. Choice and consequence, right and wrong, instinct and opinion are the makings of something ‘sinister’.

It’s the nature of our choices that nurture our senses and influence our opinions. A construct of our own making, that which helped us survive; now has no true use. So it lies within us, stagnate. Wandering for a place to have true purpose. Searching to belong. Our primitive nature not evil in its making, but has become such. A beast in the wild is sinister for the sake of survival. Us, made into something unnatural, a title of ‘evil’ we’ve developed; for we know not of our true nature.

I would love to contribute

This poem is called
Stygian veils

Descending deeper thru Stygian veils
Darkness sovereignty rules
Black Flame prevails
Lay foundation of infernal stone
True vision in these moments with them alone
Lucifer’s eyes like midnight sky
Pierce the veil over my third eye
Truly reveals the realm he rules
Mankind has traded wisdom for fools
Their revelation blinded by
forbidden tree
He offers the fruit of Dark Trinity
Place it upon my lips for me to feed
A presence powerful and breathe on me
Hail Amaymon and Lucifer my desire for thee


Awesome topic!
I feel that i’m gonna spend lots of time here ^^

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