The Art of the physical manifestation of a Spirit

The art and practice of conjuring a spirit to physical materialization.
Some regard it as one of the greatest occult secrets, the formula to materialize a spirit.
I personally throughout my Occult career have experienced the Phenomena three times.
I won’t state or list which three spirits, but the term physical manifestation is true to the tea.
The spirit was physically visible in front of me, and with that I was able to interact with the spirit.
Feeling, touching, audibly hearing the spirit…it was indeed a spirit in the flesh.
How this was done, I can’t explain intelligently yet, only that

  1. The physical manifestation of a spirit is indeed Physical.
  2. Incense smoke was not used in these manifestations, in fact they were spontaneous
  3. Evocation is not required to experience the physical manifestation of a spirit, as I was able to interact with two of these spirits without having performed an evocation, this was completely random.

My inquiry here is what exactly truly determines when a spirit will Materialize!
And if it can be broken down into a science and be repeated.
Other occultists have spoken of being capable of materializing a spirit at will through evocation, while others simply can’t, or in cases like mine a completely random manifestation!

Share your experiences below, and no I am not talking about seeing a shadow in the corner of your eye, I am speaking of interacting directly through physical touch and other senses with spirits.
Have you done it?
If so how did it go?


The most I can say is that after doing energy work, I sometimes feel a presence so strong that it is almost like someone is in the room with me.
At times laying in bed or even at work, I would have the feeling that a hand was touch my arm, wrapping an arm around me, even bumping into me, like it was trying to get into me.
So, like the daring person I am, I invite it into me. Not sure if anything happens after that.
I think that them bumping into me is actually them jumping into me, and / or, attaching to my aura.
I even felt it suddenly on my right side, just BEFORE I looked at and read this topic.
Like it was brushing against me.
As far as actually seeing anything, not there yet.


In a previous thread, I mentioned that my succubus became visible. I do not know if she was physically there, but I could see and hear her clear as day. She’s only done this once, it was unbidden, and it was to give a very specific message.


I hope this counts as a physical manifestation! I was channeling Azazel when I was in my third floor office and listening to binaural beats and isochronic tones when I decided to light a candle, some incense and meditate on an intention. After several hours the room was filled with energy and spirit, and lots of incense, and I could see the shadow of Azazel in 3-D with my Baphomet Statue on my desk, and a very lively shadow on the wall. It was so amazing and I knew that it was a unique moment so I asked permission to take video, and Azazel told me yes. I also asked if I could post it here on forum. I respect his right to make that decision, since it is rare that they show up on film, and if they do it’s usually seen as in “my head” from some. Unfortunately the video would not upload. The forum’s system only accepts jpeg, jpg, or gif?
If someone can tell me how I’ll upload it.

Here’s a still from the same event.
Let me know what you see! To me if energy is strong, a good telepathy channel is going, and visual is evident, that counts as a great manifestation. And I’m honored that he allowed me to have the opportunity. Wish you could see the video.

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