The Antichrist - The Prophet Of Darkness

I been working with the forces of darkness for years now and on i worked with demons,nethers,dark gods divs and the very conciousness of darkness and i came into understanding of what it is the antichrist.

The Antichrist - The Prophet Of Darkness

The Antichrists are the prophets of the lies which are the truth they are the prophets of damnation which is libraration for the strong ones that had conquered their inner darkness spiritually and mentally,but it is not only that.

spirits may call you the antichrist that means that you had become their prophet and gateway in this very world as they want to help humanity in their ascend into godhood or evolution.

which is not that easy or cut and dry to become one,you must be disiplinced and super dedicated in your path no matter what is happening,you will keep your head straight up and walk through it like it is nothing and theres specific things that you need to do,this is isnt a fun thing that you can try but is serious permenant change within yourself.

What I Became

as i walked on my path of darkness i sacrified myself into me and darkness one night i spoke the litany of the gatekeepers in my temple as the nine rised in the forms of darness Beelzebub spoke in their behalf. saying that i been choosen as their sword and mouth into this worlds they gave titles and missions for my being and we all agreed.

as these forces of darkness course within me i feel my self changing in every second and my mission is help humanity to rise into greatness.

Evolving Humanity

No sugar coating the world is being destroyed by our own selfs the planet is changing its atmosphere and wild fires are rising the world is being ruled by false hood and false light.

The mission is convenge the world with darkness first creating chaos and destruction but the very chaos is the essence of evolution and of destruction is that of change.

To evolve those around is causing massive change not in ritual but in yourself as you will be the incarnation of darkness which many dark forces will enter and pass, the quote “Become the change that you want to see” is not far off.

Many people are against many things and even people which that is not bad but if you are willing change but you have this closed attitude,if that, means you are not ready to cause change around you,so change yourself and attitude and put concious effort it may come as forcefully or subtle kindness,use your senses and find out what you need to change.




True words. Thanks for sharing! :+1:

I’m confused. Are they liars or not?

This world is a lie,all about the truth dualist and things like that are Lies in this world of maya aslo called the “divine play” through the staying on the false truth of this world is staying stuck forever into earthy concepts.

The power of “evil” or lies or Damnation are really just gateways to see past the illusions.

That’s why these dark forces are so libratating they want you to turn your self to the false truth and light which can be described ahura mazda.

While the damned forces of darkness like ahriman turn you into limitless possibities into the many voids that no truth exist but you make it.

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When you strip down and become nothing, you have the potential to become anything and all. Yes.

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