The Amazing Movies Thread

Yeah…remember that one from 10 or 15 years back…in my library…love it.

Uncle Fester

Becoming a better magician. Hmm. The three Warlock movies come to mind. One of the first movie series in which I found myself rooting for the bad guy. lol

Things that inspired me to try to be a better magician, well there’s the matrix, that’s one thing that helped get me thinking about this alot , that sort of helped point me in the direction of this path, though that was awhile ago.

Another big inspiration is Akira

Akira trailer - English

Also this isn’t really a movie, but this anime series also inspired me a bit, just cuz I think I could do a better job then light at being the “god of the new world” Death Note Episode 1

The Matrix…

saw the movie “I spit on your grave” last night,… How sweet revenge can be!

did you watch the remake or the original?

Last House on the Left is a great revenge movie as well… both versions.

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did you watch the remake or the original?

Last House on the Left is a great revenge movie as well… both versions.[/quote]

The remake.

I was a little disappointed with that one. It was a little slower than I expected it to be. The last kill was epic, though!

True! It is a slow movie indeed. Kind of liked the trick with the raven though. The one with the bathtub was also cool :slight_smile:

:smiley: !

A boy learns the black arts from an evil sorcerer

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This movie, this part, has always been very influential to me. Metaphorically speaking anyone can replace anything listed in his rant towards the end of replacing fear and goin’ for it.

I hold this book in the same regard most christians hold the bible. It’s been essential to my every day perception. The movie by the same comparison would be like the passion of the christ. This scene I’ve always been particularly fond of in that, to me, it represents the duality I faced when trying to break my christian programming and actually giving magick a try. It’s still inspiring to this day.

I just caught The Men Who Stare At Goats on TV for the third time or so. Really great movie.

Some of you might be interested in this B-grade horror film from New Zealand called The Devil’s Rock. Nothing special but if you’re into Nazi occultists then you might like it.

For me it was …

Friday 13th The Series (Yeah,yeah not a movie I know)

Midnight Offerings (love this film)


[quote=“Zukara, post:38, topic:123”]For me it was …
Friday 13th The Series (Yeah,yeah not a movie I know)[/quote]

Ditto. Great show.

Also loved

The Ceremony (will remind you sometimes you need to be more careful)

Lo (sometimes you don’t want to know the truth)

And Shrooms (sometimes we are our own worst enemy)

I think it’s actually called “Guardian of the Abyss”. Cool movie, saw it a while back.
Hammer Films were great.

[quote=“Timothy, post:21, topic:123”]This movie is REALLY cool.

It’s all about a guy whose family dies, and he attempts to reconnect with them in the astral afterlife…

I can’t recommend it enough. In my top 10 movies. Ignore any negative criticism.[/quote]

Agreed. This movie is pretty solid.

A great movie about the attempt at unlocking the secrets of the universe: