The All You Need To Know About Familiars

So as some people know I posted up a topic with most of not all the Enns used in goetic invocations and as I’ve noticed it helped a ton of people! And I wanted to do something similar with a topic that actually is a little foreign to me. FAMILIARS.
So I’m asking that the community come together in the comments and drop all the information you have on the topic.

How you gain them.
How you work with them.
And everything else!


You can gain a familiar by:

Creating one
Being gifted one by a spirit you work with
Going on a trance journey to find a spirit willing to be your familiar
Receive one from another magician

You work with them in the same way you work with any spirit.


I agree with @DarkestKnight to be honest I’ve gained great spiritual demons from demonic kings


My knowledge on Familiars isn’t great, but I asked Paimon for one after I had hit rock bottom and was in the midst of searching for myself again. Anyways, I started volunteering at a local animal shelter and soon fell in love with this certain cat. However she passed away before I could adopt her due to her health problems and so I just went back to my job of looking after the other cats. About a week later I asked Paimon which of these cats I was looking at I should adopt. Out of no where he said “Curious”, and I thought he was just saying the word curious until I kept looking at the cat names and there was one named Curious. I had never met this cat before, I didn’t even know when he was brought into the shelter he just sort of appeared with a litter of cats. I adopted him without even meeting him prior and oh my gosh me and my cat are like the same person. Curious could not have been a better cat for me, we think and act the same, he sits with me during rituals and meditations, and he understands human boundaries. Often we a have a psychic communication link between us, where we can tell how the other is feeling.

So while my knowledge is limited to my experiences, I received one when I needed it the most, and I believe you can’t simply “ask and receive”, you need to have good intentions and a real need for one, in order to receive a familiar.


But is it the same as working with other spirits? Or is it one that is always around. You tend to see them represented as animals and such. But I doubt they actually are like that.

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But I follow daemonolatry and S. Connolly writes about a ritual to gain a familiar that involves using and animal as a vessel which seems sort of cruel. There’s a lot of confusion for me in the area of. If I’m going to work with a goetic why would I WANT a familiar.

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The Witch’s Familiar by Grimassi

I plan to use this book as my guide for this.

Most are not in physical form. I have heard (and have had) Daemons gift living animals when that person needed it. I don’t know if I’d call that a familiar but it’s something a Daemon can give.

Yes I’ve heard of doing this and (no offense to Connolly) I’m disgusted by the idea. You’re forcing possession on a creature you claim to love, not cool.

I think if you are going to be receiving a familiar in a physical body, the animal can’t already be a living being. I would have to agree that “killing off” or forcing possession is cruel and not something I would want anyone to try.

There might actually be a slight difference between gifts of animals, familiars, and regular animals. If a demon gifts you an animal, it probably has a higher ability to sense energies, and therefor can work with you during meditations.

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My familiar is a spirit.

I work with her the same way i would any other. I have her seal, and can evoke her. I can connect with her through her name. I feed her with my thoughts, and my affection towards her. She lives within my Anahata chakra.


What is the familiars purpose?

My interest lies in the possible relation to the Fetch of Norse belief

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My familiar’s purpose is aid me with energy manipulation. She can manipulate my chakras, enhance my aura, help with glamours, and influence the perception of others so they look upon me favourably. I like to call upon her before performing on stage.

I have had her for a while but have not yet fully explored her capabilities. I probably should though.


Many people say they receive a seal with there familiar. Does this happen through automatic writing?