The All Seeing Eye - Practical Scrying Method

This is a very practical method that can be used for many different purposes, I will first explain how it works, then how you can use it.

What you’ll be doing is direct contact using your own consciousness. You’re not calling anyone or anything to your place so there is no need for opening rituals or banishing. But you can banish any negative energies when you’re done.

To start, sit in any place, any time of the day, where you won’t be disturbed by anybody for at least 20 to 30 minutes. You don’t need to be alone, you can do this outdoors anywhere… as long as no one would interrupt your concentration. If there are noises around you, use your headphones to block any noise, as much as possible.

Open the attached image, and gaze at the center of “the eye” :


All that you MUST prepare for, is to have a specific intention in mind while you’re gazing at the image. For example :

  • Contacting a specific spirit of a Demon or Angel
  • Communicating with spirit of a dead person
  • Divination, for a past, present or future event.
  • Knowing what’s in someone’s mind !

One warning: Please… use this ONLY for a specific purpose or contacting a specific spirit. For example, it’s not recommended that you “contact any spirit who can listen or accept to communicate” That would be an open invitation for all kinds of problems for yourself and people around you.

All you need to do is to keep your intention in mind and gaze at the very center of the image. In few minutes, the image will start to change in so many different ways that I can’t possibly predict or mention here, whatever happens, keep gazing and you will see your intention appearing and taking form until it’s finally “there”. If you’re contacting a spirit, you can ask it for what you want, etc

The process is very easy, but it requires some practice because you need to use your will and concentrate all the time, with an empty mind and relaxed body.

Your monkey mind - we all have one! - will try to resist at first, don’t resist back, simply ignore it. If you practiced meditation before at any point, you know what to do to keep your mind focused.

If you wish, you can use this technique as part of any evocation ritual you prefer. But it’s not originally designed as a ritual. It’s a scrying method based on ITC research and it works.

Open the image, gaze at it and…see for yourself !

This is the image you should use :


What’s the history of the image, did you create it? :slight_smile:


It’s a digital version that I created. The original version is part of a gypsy ritual, not easy to make. It requires colored - black/white - sand, specific oils and special incense and incantations for each spirit. This is more practical and it works the same.

But this version, in this basic form, is best used for scrying, not evocation. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the same image as wallpaper or computer background , so you can use it anytime you need it :


The shapes are from the sacred name of God, the “eye” shape is from the letter “H” pronounced “HO”, the spiral shape in the middle is the “O” pronounced “WAH” and the full name is pronounced “HUWAH”.

This is the full name and the part where the shapes are originally from :



Weird, as you posted that prior I vocalised “El Shaddai”


That’s very strange, El Shaddai, is said to be part of the full name in the image I just posted ! :open_mouth:


Good post @PrinceX! I just might experiment with this when I have a chance :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, really glad you find it helpful :slight_smile:

Would be great if you experiment with it, wish you success :+1:


Idk if they did but it looks like a camera (black peering glass)


It looks like it but unfortunately, I created it from memory. This is another copy if you wish to try it…

The sacred names used with it : Ahyah Asherah Yah - Addoni - Yahuah Sabaoth - El shaddai

You don’t have to use them. But if you will, chant those names while gazing at the image and keeping the intention in mind.


Thanks for sharing.


My pleasure. Hope you find it helpful :slight_smile:

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Awesome man. New meditations are always exciting. Thanks for your knowledge and contribution


Thank you so much. Really appreciate it, hope you find it helpful :+1:


I use this for finding a people who I only see his face and I know nothing about him?


Yes you can use it for divination to find someone.


Thank you, I’ll use this tomorrow after a hike and some mountain view therapy.

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Glad you find it helpful, please let me if you need any help with it anytime.

Wish you best of luck :slight_smile:

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Hi @PrinceX, thanks for this, but i have some questions, is using this method better than the black mirror? Will printing this image and scrying into it be better than on the PC? Unfortunately i have experimented for a few days but i see nothing yet, how long do you think it would take? I want to use this for divination of a past issue of a personal nature. Thanks