The "All Good Things" Elixir

The “All Good Things” Elixir


To draw the best properties form each ingredient and imbue them into your life for good. Such as Cleansing, Healing, Hex Breaking, Curse Breaking, Purification, Protection, Good Luck, Prosperity, Peace, Stability, and Harmony.


Earl Grey Tea- Comfort, money, success, prosperity, healing, joy, hex breaking, relieving anxiety and depression, and promotes concentration and focus.

Lavender- healing, and inner calm, purification, promoting peace, stress relief, used for protection, luck, potency and duration of spells, cleansing, love, protection, luck, harmony, meditation, memory, stability, liberation, clairvoyance and passion.

Watermelon rinds- Healing, Clearing Energy Blockages, Peace, Lust, Releasing Heavy Emotion and Trauma

Cucumber- Beauty (inner and outer), Fertility,
Healing, Youth

Water- Cleansing, Healing, Purification, Peace, Adaptability

Tools needed:
Whatever you use to clean things of residual energy(I use a feather and chanting)
Tea Pot
Oven Mits
A Spoon(for stiring)
A Knife(for cutting fruit)
Cutting Board
A large bowl or pitcher
Towels or napkins(it gets juicy)


Cleanse all tools before hand. If you wanna cleanse the ingredients, just be sure your method of cleaning isn’t toxic if ingested.

Make a pot of Earl Grey Tea and add Lavender, then let it steep then cool.

Wash and Cut a cucumber into circles. If wanted carve runes or sigils into them that fit this spell. I carved protection and harmony sigils. Place them in your bowl or pitcher.

Wash and Cut a watermelon, separate the red for the rind, you can eat that if you want. If wanted carve runes or sigils into them that fit this spell. I carved good luck and healing sigils. The rind is to be cut into manageable peices and placed in your bowl or pitcher.

Once Earl Grey/Lavender mix is completely cool, pour it over the cucumbers and watermelon rinds to about half a thumbs up high.

Fill the rest of your bowl or pitcher with water, dont overfill. It can be normal water, moon water, or even rose water.

Stir the mix with your spoon, reciting this incantation.

“To Cleanse to Heal, to Purify,
Sent Curse and Hex are Nullified,
Wash away all Harm and Fear,
Stabilize, Harmonize, Shed no Tear,
Good Luck, Fortune, Prosperity,
Protection and Peace wash over ther,
Goodness and Liquid Luck within each cup,
Cheers my dears, and bottoms up.”

Finish this by saying your closer, whether it is “so mote it be” or whatever feels good to you. I tend to use “As I Will It, Now It is So”.

Now, The elixir is done! Pour a glass and drink!

P.S. you can add honey to to sweeten this spell up even more! It is excellent at drawing general goodness into ones life, and attracting positive outcomes involving difficulty situations and people. I didnt add it to mine, due to me sharing my elixir with my fiance, who is diabetic.


What have been your results?

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Generally really positive results! I suffer grom alot of medical conditions, and this helps my migraines and chronic nausea, as well as Cleansing me of negative residual energy before i do energy wor and other crafts. The protection isnt the strongest, but it seems to boost preexisting protective measure and give me a boost of positivity and a generally good feeling. I think the luck part worked too, since I found a $20 bill onthe ground while taking trash out. The effects arent extreme, but very subtle, almost gently felt. I think it works, but thats just me, id love to see how it works for ither people.