The Akashic Records

Hi, I’m having some questions about the Akashic records as I’ve read a lot of things about them which don’t seem right at all to me. I’m going to quote them from this page

“Record Contents: Only your raw experience in the physical world (what you thought, said, and did in life) is contained in the Akashic Records. At any point, only what has been committed to (your past lives and your present life up to the current now moment) is available to you (and any others you authorize) to be viewed. Any experiences outside the physical world, especially inner world conferences, are stored elsewhere in non-public areas inaccessible to most.”

Elsewhere?? Where is elsewhere?? Why would the Akashic records only store what happened in the physical world?? If it’s some sort of memory center why doesn’t it store what happened in the astral too?? These memories are obviously stored somewhere otherwise when you’d astral project and come back to your body you wouldn’t remember anything! Why would some kind of memory center only record what happened in the physical world?? Even when you dream at night you tend to project, you’re no longer in the physical world and still you remember your dreams!

“Guardian Guides: The records are protected by inner beings who are known as the “Guardians of the Akashic Records”. These “Guardian Guides” help you to access your “Akashic Records” while also protecting the information contained inside them. They are also the ones who will decide whether or not an individual should be restricted from access and, if so, for how long the restriction will last.”

They’re joking right?? Like every single had a guardian and we aren’t even allowed to explore our OWN SOUL! They can’t be serious…What’s your opinion and where would they get such information??

Also, if the Akashic records is just a memory centers then demons, Gods, angels etc also have their own Akashic records right? Yet they aren’t in the physical world…


I am still in the steps leading up to finding the records. So the question is for someone more experienced.

Would said records have the memory of a person’s entire life even if they haven’t died yet?

The potential is to use it as time travel. Say I look at someone who 20 now and i expect they will live to 2050 with ease what 2050 is like.

I look at all tools like a hacker.


Its like anything else… such as The Bible. They all have their own thoughtforms that protect and do various things.

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@KissOfTheDragon hmm interesting, but I don’t see the point in creating a thought form that would block memories that happened outside the physical world…

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Well to some we do not see a seperation from the Astral and Physical. The Astral is a form of energy, just as a Memory/Thought is a form of energy. That means all forms of energy on earth in some way exist in the astral. The Key is understanding how energy crosses over from one realm to the next.

As to the reasoning why they would do it? They are numerous. So lets say I wanted to block you Lola, because it would increase my chances of “gain.” This is a pretty common occurence all over planet Earth with people taking and trying to One-Up each other all the time. So the possibilities as to the “why” are infinite. Now of course, one could help another to also increase Gain, so for everything there is both a positive and negative reasoning.

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Thank you for posting.
Such a great topic. The Akashic records are an amazing library to the soul. We all have are own libray.
You can access this place through Astral Projection. You literally enter a dimention known as the Hall of records. You will see all of these doors or isles. Sometime it looks like isles of books. Then you find your door. Usually have your name or a Sigil or symbol on the door. In the beginning you will enter this way. Eventually over time you will simply enter your library and will need not to travel into the Hall anymore.

So my fist suggestion is to Astral travel to the Hall of Records and spend some time there.

Then look for your door.

Let me know how this goes. Then I will share with you the next steps.

Safe travels