*The Afrikan Prince Has Entered*

Hi guys!
I promise I’m not always as corny as my Heading. Lol Also, definitely not a real prince either, although I feel like one alot. I am, however, an african-american male, 27 yrs. old living here in the eastern U.S. I love the occult, paranormal, etc. My practices are mostly geared towards direct magic/manipulation with some ceremonial practice here and there.
I’ve come across this forum a few times in the past and have been really stalking lately. I’ve been really liking what I’ve seen with the topics and open-mindedness and couldn’t wait to climb aboard! Think this is a nice site and am happy to join.


Welcome to the BALG forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks alot!

Welcome to the forum :hugs:

Welcome to the forum. Your user name reminded me of those emails that used to go round where it was some prince wanting to store all his money in your bank account… Ah, the early days of the internet ( are they still a thing btw? )


Thanks guys! And Biffa_Bacon LOL The “scam” of it all. I’m sure it probably is still a thing. They’ve just learned to change their tune a bit.

YESS!!! You took the words out of my mouth lmao the latest one I received was pretending to be Bill Gates and he wanted to give me 10M dollars

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Shame you aren’t some Nigerian Prince with a briefcase of ink covered dollar bills that you’re trying to bring into the country.


Welcome to the forum.

Welcome, you’re highness

Welcome brother :purple_heart: out of curiosity, which part of Africa does your ancestry come from?

Welcome to BALG!

Just curious: any dabbling in ATR traditions, like Santeria, Vodoun, Candomble, Palo?

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Ahhhh. I can feel the love here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Lol

Sycorax: What’s up brother! To be quite honest, I don’t even know. That’s something I should try to figure out though. So many useful resources out there now to help, like Ancestry.

ExTenebrisVictoria: Yea. Not familiar with any of those, except maybe vodoun a little. My practices are a lot less traditional, religious. Yet, I can get really eclectic if the purpose fits. Maybe that’s a bad thing as well because I think the gods/spirits in alot of those traditions don’t care for dabblers and prefer full-time devotees? I think that’s why I usually don’t like to call on a lot of spirits as well, being that I rarely seem to get answered anyways.


happens to the best of us, welcome to the forum. :grinning:

My impression is the same as yours. The orishas and lwa are pretty demanding and jealous. I really am not too aware of people who work with them as part of an eclectic system - most that work with them, work with the whole system. There are people here who are pretty involved with Santeria or Palo, as well as Goetia. ATR are not exclusive, but the traditions need to be maintained. It’s not pick-and-choose like other systems. I have heard they can be very powerful, but in the end I think they provide a lot of satisfaction to their practitioners.

I am still finding a trustworthy madrina/padrino. I got burned big time in the past - the one major drawback of ATRs.


Welcome brother. :slight_smile:

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