The Advantages of Discussion

Hello All,

I’ve been sifting thru my own posts today and recognized something “share-worthy”

I have reaped huge benefits from having the likes of you to interact with - opinions & perspectives to ponder, etc.

What I realized is how fully these interactions cause me to coalesce - to hone and refine - my own conclusions about what is necessary … what is possible … what is priority to me as an individual … clarify what is bullshit … sharpen my image of what my ambition actually IS, at this point … such things as this.

I have reached a clarity & a firmness of knowing - just in this past week or so - that is greater than any advancement I’ve previously made in such a brief time period.

In reading your thoughts & responses, my internal discussions with myself have taken on a new level of Certainty & of Advancement that feels REAL DAMN GOOD.

Just wanted y’all to know … :wink: Z