The Abyss vs the Void?

I was learning to day about crossing the void, is this the same as crossing the abyss?
If not what is the difference?

As far as I understand, both names refer to the same thing. The eternal darkness from which all things come into being. The “forge of creation”, the “matrix of reality”, “the womb of reality”, etc. Etc. So many names for the same concept.

Crossing the Abyss is basically facing your worst fears and getting to know your true self.

Know thyself. And the power will come.


They can be used interchangeably but also as different places as the void can be the place where all creation care from and the possibilities that can exist in creation as primordial soup. While the abyss can be considered a realm of its own where a number of abyssal creatures/entities exist. Depends on your own views and intentions. I’ve experienced/projected to both.



Undertake The Initiation Rite Of Crossing The Abyss To Access The Underworld Also Known As “The Void”

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Leads me to believe they are 2 separate things :slight_smile: