The Absence

Hello all, i have a problem i have recently experienced.

I usually do what i can to work with Azazel. I initiated pathworking with him a while back and have done invocations with him amd such. I even make frequent offerings to him, inscense and my blood as well. I have evoked him a few times(i could feel his energy in the room with me) but i have put a hold on it because i want to open my senses before attempting again.

I attempted a working to enhance the bond between me amd Azazel(possession/ magnified invocation), but since then i have no longer felt his presence. Prior to this working i could feel his energy spontaneously throughout my day just pop up out of no where. But i can longer feel it. The possession i tried undergoing was to enhance the bond and help assisst activating all DNA strands.

To all magicians, what would be the reason for this?

I feel that the link that i had to Azazel has been severed.

I dont know what to think.

Can anybody help me with this?

I am working with Belial currently. The first few days his presence was overwhelming. “Heavy” is the best way to describe it. Now I feel next to nothing, but I know he is there. I think you are just used to his energy, perhaps because he is with you at all times now, or at least his familiars. Do you do cleansings? If not I would assume this, as long as your tasks are being accomplished and you are still progressing with your goals

Oh yes, the working I did in the past with Azazel(sigil magick) was to bring more money into my life , I got an offer for a bank job. So I started pursuing it, then my current job is trying to match it. So either way, I’ll be getting more money. I have not done any cleansings because I do not want to offend Azazel or his legions. I have thought about it, because I feel I am being attacked through psychic vampirism. But I didn’t go through with because I don’t want to piss Azazel off haha

If you feel you’re being vamparized I would care less what another entity thought of me cleaning/defending myself. You’re the one dealing with it and you’re the one suffering the consequences of delays.

Could it be interfering with the connection, if at all? What cleansing would you suggest?

Assuming something is there yes it could cause you to be less receptive or even block your connections.

The type of cleansing would be dictated by what it is that’s causing the problem. Could be a person, spirit, the dead, astral nasties/wandering spirits, pissed off land/nature spirits or just general blocks. There’s no one size fits all remedy.

I’d do some divination first to see what is going on, if no real red flags are raised from the readings I’d clean the house (fumigation and wash) and myself with a series of baths (cleansing, uncrossing and protection) and see if conditions improve.

Thanks TWF, i will take your advice.

I’m starting to suspect that there might be some kind of spirit trying to interfere my stuff too, as i have felt pretty weird for few days now…

I would like to do the banishment so that it doesn’t offend demons too just like Titan here. But yea i think its also trying to block my connections to everything, if i’m not just being paranoid maybe i should get a reading…

I use this method which is definitely not offensive to demonic beings that are invited into your home/presence: “In darkness bound” - it requires moderate to good visualisation skills, though probably no more than standard methods.

Thanks Lady Eva, ill hop right to it! :slight_smile:

In this case it’s obviously best not to open yourself to the darkness but simply to project intention into it via visualisation - just wanted to backtrack and cover that! :slight_smile:

Lady Eva, when you say to recite

“In darkness bound, Obey(my godname)”

What godname are you referring to?

[quote=“Titan, post:12, topic:4378”]Lady Eva, when you say to recite

“In darkness bound, Obey(my godname)”

What godname are you referring to?[/quote]

The one I was given for myself by spirits - if you have a magickal name, or just a name you feel is most You, that’s the one to use for this. Or you could just say “Obey Me.”

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