The 72 Sigils Of Power

Hello BALG, I’ve been searching for a book on sigil magick, a more simple to start doing magick without problems, because i live with christians, and i found this book, who describe the names of god / angels, and teach how to contemplate…
Anyone ever used this book? Any negative thought about it or something?

I’ve never used this Book, but i use Sigil as a Magickal Tool very Often, And Sigil Magick is very Potent, So this Book should be good, But the Best way to verify that is to test it by Yourself,

Best Regards!

I’ve had most of my successes with sigil magick. Like Mephistor said, try some and see what happens.

I have not read that book, although I’m curious if it is an application of the Shem ha-Mephorash. ( )

I think that is a great place to start to practice with getting some verifiable results. Clarification: I mean that the book is probably a great place to start, not necessarily the Shem ha-Mephorash, although doing it and practicing is always good in my opinion no matter what technique it is. You can learn something.