The 7 Jinn kings

Hi I’m posting this question for those who have experience in working with Jinn

I want to perform the ritual of the Jinn king ruling over Friday but It’s not possible for me to do it on Friday so If I perform it on another day will it work ?


Zawba’a Abu alhassan, I’m assuming you wish to do some love spells.
I have not worked with this particular spirit but I’ll say the following.
The traditional grimoires suggest the best times when the influence of the spirit is more powerful same as you have night demons and day ones and at different planetary cycles and astrological phases certain entities are stronger others aren’t as active.

You will find many people on the forum can attest to this.

Personally for me love spells work better on Friday on the hour of Venus and I like to have it at sunrise or the witching hour (3am-4am) as that often coincides With hour of Venus and makes spells stronger as well.

It’s not absolutely necessary but will help you achieve the goal you want.
Love spells on Saturday for example work under Saturn’s influence so will limit results.

Tuesday can work but again that’s due to mars influence on passion, expect more arguments more annoying shit tests and generally more confrontational lover but also more passionate sex.

Yes you can contact them, no the spells and workings won’t be as aligned to your goal.


Thank you so much

Seven kings…? I thought it was only one King… where have u read this? It seems interesting

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I have a book about them and yes they’re 7

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Sun of gnosis and other books that quote it.
If you want Arabic books there are some of Al-Toukhis translated, some of his books are to teach the mainstream people about magick others are for people already practicing.
It’s interesting to see how so much of ancient Egypt’s techniques carried on through out history and influence father branches of magick including Arabic and European grimoires.

Note many of the djinn called on are just that some are gods who took on that form and stayed to teach magicians eg Azazel King Paimon and Asteroth all have jinn forms as well as demonic and ancient god forms. Other demons are what Greeks called daemon and have no relationship to ancient gods or civilisations.
Same with djinn many are completely separate as a spiritual entity same as fairies or elemantals are.

Some are parts of tribes but again that’s partly true and can also be simply to describe to the people how many their are. Like when demons have legions and a political structure based on medieval European societies.

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Actually all these gods are a race of Djinn called Shaitans or Shayateen

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I would respectfully disagree with Baal Kadmons assertions on this.
That phrase simply means adversaries.
As in we we’ll be that to monotheistic philosophy and view points.
There are races and catagories and types of djinn, that is not one as it’s simply a mask for a force/power/energy/entity not the thing itself.

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Laith u honest oinion of the devils coran? Also u opinion on a book by elkhatany?thanks