The 7 Books of Koetting

Hi there,

Please forgive me I am very new to this forum but just want some advice from members who obviously are very passionate about Koetting’s books. My son asked me to purchase these e-books on line last week for $99.00. I did this for him and very quickly had a response to say thanks for payment and that books would be emailed straight away.

To date I am still waiting. I have sent 4-5 messages through the official support website, but still no response. Payment has been taken from my account and to be truthful, I’ve no idea what to do now. Can anyone actually give me some advice?

Many thanks

Hmm, are you sure you have read the instructions from your email carefully - also have you checked your “trash email” for the possible customer support answers. ?

Seeing as this your 1st post here,wait and see if somebody notices this.Have proof of payment at hand (should it be requested).

In the worst case scenario,go to the bank that issued your debit/credit card and ask for a refund.They will refund the $99 to your account,and you will be able to purchase the books properly again.

Thanks for the comments. Fingers crossed. I’m just not sure how long to give it before asking the bank for a refund and wondered whether any other people had had the same difficulties as me.

Only go to your bank if all else fails.Check ‘spam’ section of email,make sure your payment went through properly,make sure the books didn’t get to you.

One of the mods is bound to see this and you’ll most likely be contacted directly. With that said, as everyone else stated, check your spam.

What’s your email adress?

This was the link you used, right?

They’re typically pretty fast. I’ve ordered a few things from them over the years, and I’ve always gotten a response.