The 3 planes and how Satan/Lucifer manifests in each

In my magickal practice I divide the entirety of reality into 3 planes. I realise alot of people follow systems that use more (Kabbalah being one example). I dont think these other sytems are wrong, I just find it easier to work with 3 broader planes.

  1. Cosmic (Divine)
    Primordial and causal forces.

  2. Spirit(astral)
    Gods, Demons, Spirits, elements, thoughts, dreams, emotions etc.

  3. Physical(material plane)
    Matter, things recognized by our 5 senses, etc.

At the head of my personal pantheon is Satan, who contrary to common occult opinion, I equate as the same entity as Lucifer. So I figured I would share my belief of how Satan manifests in each plane.

  1. In the divine plane I view Satan as 3 main forces. Consciousness, Enlightenment, Evolution. Not a being, just these 3 abstract forces. These are ancient and primordial forces.
  2. In the spirit plane, Satan is a god. I believe the gods are thoughtforms which humanity have created to anthropomorphise and understand Cosmic forces. So although I do think gods are thoughtforms in the spirit plane they are very real in the cosmic plane, thus I still do classify myself as a theistic Satanist.
  3. Satans manifestation in the physical plane is any physical conscious being, mainly humans, and to a smaller extent animals. Therefor the selfworship part of atheistic Satanism is a way of honoring Satan, I just feel they are missing the other 2 planes in their philosophy, making it incomplete.

Anyway maybe some of you guys will find this interesting. Any comments, feedback, agreements, or disagreements are more than welcome!