The 2 leviathans

I’m writing this hoping that someone can help me figure this out. I have been looking into the leviathans, and have searched everywhere for the answer to this. Throughout the different religions, eras etc. Theres hadad (baal) against lotan. In this version lotan is the female leviathan and her male counterpart is stated as the behemoth in control of land. Then Marduk vs tiamat in a different version of the story . Still with land behemoth. Zeus’s vs typhon which is stated as a Male leviathan and no female counter part. Then thor vs jormungundr. Which is male leviathan.

In all these different versions theres only one leviathan . Theres only one version where it tells of 2 leviathans being created, one male and one female. And the female is tiamat. But it never states the male leviathans name. I have read the post about the infernal saga story that describes another story of the 2 leviathans and couple names are stated for both male and female. I’m trying to find the male leviathans name that’s current so to speak. Because the names listed for the male leviathan that was in the post from a fellow member here…all belonged to stories of the leviathan that only one leviathan existed. I havent come across one description where it states both male and female leviathan and also the names and sigils to both. The most widely used sigil is a general one for both kinda?
Sorry this was a long post. But I cant seem to find the answer everywhere I look

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Isn’t there Leviathan water, Behemoth earth and Ziz air. Is the Qliphothic system of invocation and calling of Chavajoth

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Yeah the normal I’ve found in all different accounts is - 1 leviathan water, behemoth earth, and ziz air.
But theres one that describes 2 water leviathans which include one male and one female. And it mainly talks about the females name.

But theres the infernal saga which tells of lilith and lucifer making 2 water leviathans, one male and one female. But the names used for the male leviathan, I found tied to stories of where there was only one leviathan water.

I did find one account from some Christian sect, and the story tells of 2 leviathans were created , one male and one female. But the female was killed in fear of the 2 water leviathans mating and becoming too strong. But it still doesn’t say the name of the male leviathan

@C.Kendall your post of infernal saga touched on this some, any thoughts?

There are indeed more than one Leviathans.
The first pair was Tiamat and Abzu, and it made them the first and the second Leviathan.
And the third Leviathan was born as a son of Tiamat by parthenogenesis, this Leviathan named Kingu, sibling to Ziz and Behemoth.
After Abzu and Tiamat mated, the second pair of Leviathan came into being, they were Lahmu and Lahamu. They mated in their Leviathan form and gave birth to many Leviathans, great serpents, and sea dragons. In their humanoid manifestation, they mated and gave birth to Anshar and Kishar.
There are many Leviathans who live in the Abyss, but probably there is only one supreme Leviathan at one time who in charge of being the chief (king/queen) of the Leviathans and as one of the Adversaries (Satan). Does it make sense? Lol…

Probably Jormungandr is also Leviathan even though he wasn’t a direct descendant of Tiamat, as I believe Jormungandr is a reincarnation of Kingu the Leviathan.

That does make sense. Thank you. Between all the lore it can kinda get confusing at times haha