The 13 Keys of Hekate

Welcome to my journal the 13 keys of Hekate. Where I will travel through thirteen doors into the realms of Hekate. To be initiated into her magick and witchcraft. To be guided into her realms of things seen and unseen. To taste her forbidden knowledge and learn her secret ways.

This will not be an easy task for me and to stay on top of it will be challenging. This will not end my work with Ganesha, that work is removing the obstacles for this work, even though I did not know this work was to be. I still have my planned big to work on. It seems Ganesha, has removed obstacles that I didn’t even know needed removing. So, here I am. Embarking on this journey with Hekate. Take my hand and follow me into the other worlds and realms of the Dark Goddess.

The first key is coming soon…


Behold I stand at the door and knock…

The first key opens the door to a gateway I passed through sometime ago.

When I was ready to approach Hekate and ask for her wisdom and guidance. The knowledge of the dark goddess. It wouldn’t come easy. For how many petition her daily and why should I stand out? Who gets her attention?

I read everything I could about her. Her lore and legends. I wanted to know as much as I could before I approached her. And even then would she accept me?

It was a dark moon some years back and as I recall on the 13th of that month.

I sat in deep meditation asking her for what I was seeking. I found myself at the tree line on my property and there on an abandoned log I placed my offerings of walnuts and cashews drizzled with honey. I asked her to accept this offering and please answer my call.

Once I felt the time was right , I left not looking back. I felt a darkness like a shadow move behind me. But I did not look.

Today I understand why God told Lot and his family to not look back. You can’t look back. You made a choice to follow a path, to trust a spirit to lead you the right way, to light your path. Looking back means you haven’t shed the old things, the things that held you down. Things that no longer serve you.

Like a serpent you have to shed the old skin and walk away with new skin. A new you that is ready for your next journey.

I did not know it then, that this was the first key. The key that opens the door for Hekate to enter your life and transform you. To teach you magick and witchcraft, to walk with you and guide you.

It’s the foundation of a relationship between magician and goddess. It’s strong and binding. It’s also work. Work to keep going and keep building this relationship.

In this door to Hekate, I learned the basics. The power of meditations, the usefulness of candles and candle magick, how to do simple spells.

I would meditate with songs to Hekate playing, or listening to Hekate’s enn.

It was during this time I learned of chakras and how to balance and cleanse them.

All these things are important to learn first before you move into deeper magick.

So, I started a morning routine of meditations and chakra work before starting my day.

If you do not do meditations or chakra work, I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s not my goal here to teach you how to do these things but you should know obtaining the other keys of Hekate depend on you mastering the basics.

I’ve learned that what impresses her is strong will, determination, hard work and sacrifice. If you want her attention and affections, show her you’re serious about it. Work for it.

Do the meditations, do the chakra work. Spend time in evocations and invocations.

Strong will - can you preserve when times get tough? Can you push yourself past your limits? Can you insist that your will be done? These things impress the great goddess.

Determination - are you set on reaching your goals? Do you know exactly what you want and have the drive to go after it? Are you determined to have what you want/need? Are you determined to be a successful magician?

Hard Work - Can you push yourself through the dirt and grime to achieve what you want? Can you put in the time and effort to be successful? To have a successful relationship with the goddess? Can you keep going even at that moment when you think it’s all lost and want to give up? Can you say one more time? One more time even when you’ve landed on your face? One more time.

Sacrifice - does she accept blood sacrifice, yes. But it’s not always the requirement. A sacrifice is just as it sounds. Think of it like going to the gym. No pain no gain. Can you bleed for it? Sweat for it?

What are you willing to sacrifice, to gain from? If your broke and spent your last 5 bucks on a candle to burn in honor of Hekate and now you can’t buy ramen noodles for dinner that is a sacrifice.

If you work 40 plus hours a week and still find an hour a day to devote to Hekate, that’s a sacrifice. Fasting can be a sacrifice. Giving up something you love, like your cookies and tea at 5 can be a sacrifice.

Is pricking your finger and bleeding or cutting your hand a sacrifice? It can be. Though, from my experience it seems to act more as a binding between the magician and the goddess. It’s seems easier for the goddess to connect to the magician and find the magician even when he/she are far away. I found it’s easier for the goddess to come to the magician during ritual, and also to visit the temple area.

But it does not seem to influence the goddess so much in regards to helping the magician or doing anything specific.

Here it is the first key of Hekate’s to allow her to enter, to not look back and to trust her to work for you and in your life. Take those first baby steps of magick with hard work and even though sometimes it’s not exciting or fun it’s necessary.
Work at establishing that solid relationship with the lovely goddess of magick. This foundation will be important for the other keys to come.

Hekate, holds the key but you have to welcome her.

This is the first key. There are 12 more to come.



This is perfect, this is it.

Dedication is greatly appreciated, spirits love it.

Great work!


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The next key will be the cross roads.

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The second key is the crossroads.

Once you have mastered meditation and chakra work, and have established some type of relationship with Hekate, you will find yourself at an intersection. It will be like the letter T. If you are envisioning this picture it as if the letter T were lying on the ground and you are standing at what would be the top.

You can by picturing it this way move forward, to the left and to the right.

This will be your choice to make and yours alone. But you cannot go back. You must move forward to the left or the right. This is your crossroad. It’s your moment to choose your path. The goddess cannot make this decision for you. It yours and yours alone. However, once the choice is made she can illuminate that path for you, guide and take each step with you.

You may find that over the course of time you find your self back at this crossroad. There will more times than one to choose your path.

For some this path choice maybe to go straight and keep on the path you are walking. For others you may change and go left or right.

But you cannot go back. And saying that, you cannot hold on to the past. You reflect on it in deep meditation and then you release it.
Even going straight ahead is not going back. You accept the past. Take the lessons you have learned there and then you move again.

You may need to change magickal courses, or employment, the way you take care of yourself. The choice maybe marriage, divorce, moving across town. But when you are at this crossroad , there is a choice to be made.

This choice may hurt, it hurts to let go of the past and move on. It hurts to break off a 20 year marriage, it hurts to leave family and friends and move miles away. But from this hurt new things can take hold in your life and in your magick.

When you come to the crossroads, meditate, do a reading on it. Whether it be tarot or pendulum or scrying or any of your preferred methods. Seek council from those you know and trust.

Then when you’re ready take your first step. The goddess has laid the options out for you, you made your decision and now she will walk with you on this path, her torches illuminating the way for you and her magick protects you. Go in confidence knowing she is with you.

Once you’re on your way , take time to thank the goddess for her love and guidance, her strong protective force that encircles you always.

This is the second key.


The 3rd key is the storm.

Once you have made it through the crossroads and are set on your way, you will face a storm. It will come on you swiftly and take you by surprise. But this is a test from the dark goddess. Can you keep it together? Can you walk through the storm and make it to the light?

Will you allow Hekate to light the path though it’s dark and stormy to give you safe passage?

Can you remain calm, unfaltering and stand on you beliefs? Principles? The choices you have made?

Will you , stand?

If you come to this part in your walk with Hekate and you know the storm is upon you, meditate.

Hold a good stone in your left hand, rose quartz, or clear quartz or perhaps a stone found along a river bank, or in your back yard.

Once the storm has passed keep it and when you feel a storm coming, charge it and hold it knowing Hekate walks with you.

The point is to meditate and hold this stone, speak to the goddess in this dark hour. Feel her surround you with her guidance and love.

Then walk through the storm. Brave and bold.

Storms are sent to test us for various reasons, and it’s not always clear until later why they were sent.

Hold fast and make it to the other side. Don’t quit or give in, what waits after the storm will be worth it all.

The storm, tests us but also moves things and shakes things up , it gets us out of our comfort zone and aligns us with our path if we make it through.

Embrace the storm as a challenge to reach the next level. Walk with confidence and know that there is always light after the darkness.

Hekate walks with you through this storm if you are hers. Hers as someone she cares about and wants to see prosper. She will not abandon you. No matter how bad you think it is, she’s still there in the darkness and in the silence she’s there.

Take her hand and walk through it. And when the storm has cleared, thank her.

She enjoys coffee, nuts, honey, mushrooms, and many other things.

Hekate, is all about smells and good incense makes her happy. She enjoys very earthy scents.
Though, anything you give her she will love if it came from the heart.

Hekate,also appreciates a well lit altar, she appreciates candle light. It helps her see the altar better and get a better idea of what is being offered and/or requested.

Once this has passed, you will be clear and focused and ready to move on to the next key.

The next key will be more fun!


The fourth key is Hekate’s familiars.

There is going to be a good bit more information in this one. Please bare with me as it will take more time to post.


I want to start with the serpents. Hekate has two serpents, one black and one white sort of like a yin and yang.

These serpents will come to you when you’re ready. They will come to you during meditation and they will bite your wrists. One on the left and one on the right.

They send their venom into your veins it will feel odd at first but like most poisons the right amount can heal and the wrong amount can destroy.

These serpents bring wisdom and help teach you lessons, such waiting for the right moment to strike. Not necessarily in something baneful, it could also be something when to strike on the stock market or when to ask for that raise at work.

The serpents will also teach about shedding your old skin when necessary so that you can become new and to leave the old skin behind as it no longer serves you.

These serpents can teach healing and harm. But they balance each other and balance the magician to be able to discern what moves to make and when to shed it all and let go.

How to take your place in the world and move easily through the shadows and stay camouflaged until the time comes to be seen.

These serpents are wise and master teachers and Hekate sends them to those she initiates.


Next in the familiars key will be the owl.