That Moment When IV: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


Try me. I’ll eat you up, and you will even like it.


Aight Kali
Come eat this Demon D…


TMW you’ll have to explain to your S.O. why exactly you will prop up a full on catering next week without anyone “visible” to eat that stuff.
Oh, well.


You don’t even have the guts to confront me personally. Don’t send your bitches at me mate. Fight me!!!:joy:

ps: we all love you anyway. Lucifer loves you, child.


You can tell them you have PMS. It always works.:joy:


He’s gonna be a star and rap for Satan while we’re all still stuck here in our rougue-ness. @Haplo


Wanna bet :smiling_imp:


Come at me bro :kissing_heart:


TMW I was about to start meditating and I end up somehow watching this instead



Aight Bet :ok_hand:


I already sold my soul for something else, im not cut out to be a musician anymore


Riiight.:wink: @Haplo

It’s OK. We know you’re about to be loaded. Nobody here is gonna rob you, hopefully.


Nah man, im serious. I cant do some of that stupid shit. @Micah can confirm I already invested


Plus if I got rich Id share with yall. I love you guys


Tmw you enter @NoxLotus body

I was like,
“So this is what it feels like to have titties??”


“Why do i feel like im a raging ball of estrogen??”


He did
I ain’t know you literally sold your soul tho


Tmw you still can’t feel your incubus


Tmw you wanna use black magic to do a bank heist :thinking:


I feel like posting on the internet is a surefire way to get caught :rofl:


Justice system doesn’t believe in or prosecute Black magic :smiling_imp: