That Moment When IV: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!


Ooooooh yes hahaha watch people go crazy on the bumble bee not many can dance that fast. Or watching Paganini’s “demonic” speed for his era
Haha evrn then the demons wre given credit for good taste




I take it you don’t like Jazz either?

This is what I meant when I said the modern guys don’t get enough credit. @Morgana9


TMW walking to work again but at least its not raining


Why pay surgeon accupuncture is awesome. My wrist was 14 yrs ago I thought having my expensive instrument stolen was bad having children to a dick sucked but breaking my wrist… It was good bye interest no career can bounce back from that…
Ahh. Enough.
Hows your arms & nape now?


TMW Helloooooo, sisterrrrr. You sound like we can become very good friends.


The fun part about music is not just mixing styles is mixing cultural instruments


Imaginary person: What you doing?
Me: I’m just enjoying a nice they out on the internet.


@Silent probably reading my lines like this


Oh, no, what I have cannot be fixed from an acupuncture. Besides, I don’t need to pay a surgeon, I’m under national health insurance. An Acupuncture from the other hand, now that is something I’d have to pay :smiley:


Ranks down there with country as one of my least favorite genres. Some of Louis Armstrong’s 1920’s-1930’s stuff ain’t bad though.


Nnnnoooooo… eat ‘congee’ or boiled eggs


You have the wrong Idea! I’m a lovely person!


TMW Pazuzu explodes a bear figurine because, “It was stupid.” -_-


Technically so is Thanatos, but you die if he touches you sometimes


Are you English man?


Shes Greek, much sexier


He has touched me several times, I’m still alive. Oh noes, you think there’s something wrong with me!? :scream:

@Morgana9 Nope, Greek :slight_smile:


Jazz ok. But country and blues and suicide is for dinner -theirs for playing it


Noooo why u no like jazz!?