Thanks to Salas'ash

Hey Folks,

I performed a simple sigil magic ritual earlier in the day today involving the spirit Salas’ash from the Book of Azazel to obtain some cash as I am tight on my expenses and things haven’t been that great recently.

In the evening, I received a letter from the government stating that as part of some ‘gift’ for the year of 2019 I am receiving $600 in cash that will be directly deposited into my bank account. The money will come in dividends of $300 and the first payment will be made to me by the 1st of August.

I promised Salas’ash that I will honour him on this forum should by request be fulfilled. I am quite surprised but there is a part of my mind that still says it is a coincidence - what if the letter was already in my letter box before I even did the ritual? Also in the BOA he is said to deliver sums of cash within hours to days.

From your opinion, do you guys think this is a success or just a mere coincidence? I have been falling prey to self-doubt as of late.


Keep doing the work and watch these “coincidences” start stacking up. That is the surest antidote to self doubt.


the thing is, this is kinda always how magick works, as far as ive seen/read. its always going to come across as a coincidence. But when the coincidences start stacking, as @Faustus said, it becomes harder to deny…especially when you start getting into baneful stuff


Thanks fellows. Salas’ash is truly a great spirit to work with as I’ve worked with him several times in the past and most if not all the times he has delivered that which was required.

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