Thanks to Glaysa Labolas!

As promised to him, this is a public proclamation to give thanks to Glaysa Labolas who I asked for help with research and making important breakthroughs in my work. After 2 months, I am starting to discover important new information! A great demon to work with on this. Thank you! Hail Glaysa Labolas!


Thank you oh glasyalabolas
You have killed my enemy
Thank you so much!

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Wow, really?! Can you elaborate?

I just gaze the sigil and i use water to scrying
I see monster with wings but suddenly disappeared and then i feel something flying around my room
And then in my mind
I see humaoid creature with wings and green-yellow aura come
And i just said oh glasyalabolas i want you to kill … Thank you

Energy is strong hot like you are at the beach in summer
And after i dont know weeks or days i hear they are all died