Thanks To Bastet for bringing back my Cat

Guys, i don’t know how that just happened but I’m so happy right now and I would like to give public praise to the goddess Bastet, I’ll take this as a sign from her.
Yesterday i lost my cat, she disappeared from the backyard where she is sitting when she is not inside the house. 3,5 years and she never left one day.
I started to worry, i got out and searched for her, i was waiting, looking out the windown but nothing.
So i visited the Forum and searched for who can help when i was about to sleep, basically i was half asleep.
So i didn’t have the time nor the energy to do anything special, i just said to Bastet please help and bring my cat back healthy, and then my eyes closed and i was sleeping. Literally after 5 minutes, i hear my Brother yelling “She is Back”! I got up and saw her and she is back and she is good! She was very hungry, excited and a little bit scared. Now she is next to me and she is cleaning herself for 15 minutes straight!
Do you guys know what should i offer to Bastet?
Sorry for the long post…


Looking around the net I saw

  • the Winter Solstice, the Ancient Egyptians celebrated the birthday of the Goddess Bast (Bastet). The offerings to Bast included fine wine, beer, chocolate, water, fruit, fruit juices and meat – Bast, the Cat Goddess, was certainly a carnivore.*

Bastet, being the Lady of Perfumes, loves perfume of all kinds. Give her whole bottles OR spritz some perfume around her altar. Tell her why you’re giving her each offering. Frankincense and myrrh incense is another traditional offering to Bastet.

I was gonna jokingly suggest catnip, but that was actually mentioned too.

Anything cat-related: particularly the catnip herb is a great offering too. In years past, I’ve grown it in my garden, harvested it and given her the first harvest. I’ve also found she enjoys: wine, beer, tea, chamomile and myrrh essential oils, jasmine and lavender incense.


Dark chocolate especially wirh chilli and black coffee have been offerings I’ve used.

Sweet luxiourius and beautiful items and foods are also what she likes


Thank you. Btw i was feeling so intense after what happend that i didn’t sleep the whole night, even tho i was half asleep before the incident. I stayed up for the next 12 hours, lol.
Do you know why that happened?