Thanks to all people still working during the outbreak

Hey, i just felt the need to put this up here.

This goes out to everyone here who are healthcare workers, store stockers, really anyone that are still working their asses off. I just want to give many thanks to every one of you. The world right now is dealing with a very uncertain time. With where i’m at, i was in the process of moving but i may be stuck here longer during the lockdown. Its depressing enough for people being stuck in shelter, but i know its gotta be scary for anyone out there having to work with limited supplies and constant exposure to the outside world. Thanks to any and all doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, risking yourself to help sick people get better. Thank you to anyone who works in the grocery stores, for working to try to keep resources on the shelves so families have something to eat. Right now you all are the heroes in this world that others are looking up to. I wish you the best of blessings on your path and in your lives. <3