Thanks To A Member Here for Helping Me

I will leave the member’s name anonymous unless he chooses to come forward on his own, I don’t want this post to result in droves of other people suddenly messaging him and pestering him asking for help.

I had a surgery on Friday, nothing was seriously wrong with me or life threatening, just something I needed to have done and yesterday I was in so much pain I almost started crying at one point, and Raven doesn’t cry over anything! Tough as nails usually! I am taking pain meds but they make me sick to my stomach and dizzy as hell even if I take a Zofran for anti-nausea about 25 mins. before taking the pain meds.

I was way too sick and sore to do any spells or evocations, I couldn’t even sit up without feeling pukey. So I asked a member here who regularly works with angels if he could have one of them help me speed up healing to relieve some of this pain and he said he’d see what he could do. Most of you know, I wouldn’t ask anyone for help unless I was seriously unable to perform an evocation or healing spell myself.

This morning, I wake up feeling like an entire week has passed since the surgery, barely even sore. What’s really strange is that my dog ran in the room last night to check on me after he heard me whimpering in pain. He pushed my door open with his paw and stood on his hind legs over the edge of my bed and began nudging me with his wet nose and he sat by my bed in the floor until I reassured him that I would be okay and then he left the room and immediately threw up in the living room like a gigantic pile that was way more than what a tiny little dog like him can usually vomit up.

After that I was finally able to fall asleep and woke up this morning feeling much better. I was too sick last night to ask who had come to my aide but whoever it was had my dog nudging me to energetically absorb my pain, then had the dog vomit to expel the pain he had absorbed so the dog wouldn’t get sick from it. It was so strange, as soon as the dog stopped nudging me I was suddenly pain free enough to fall asleep and the dog made a human sized pile of throw up not 2 seconds after he left my room, which is unusual for him because he is a miniature Schnauzer and this puke was the size of a pile a 9 year old human child could’ve made.

Very interesting way of healing, never seen anything like that before but it worked and it was confirmed to me this morning that what happened last night was indeed a strange and unusual form of healing by using my dog who is like a physical familiar and companion to me. Not sure exactly who you sent to help me, but thank you! Just wanted to post this story for some of the members here who remain skeptical about magick, to reassure them that magick is real and it happens in the most unusual ways so maybe to the skeptics, maybe your magick is working but is working in a way that is so strange you are just ignoring the signs?

Maybe this will give some newbies a glimmer of hope. The person who helped me knows who they are, so thanks again. If you wanna come forward I don’t mind, like I said, I didn’t want to attract attention to you if that’s not something you’d care for.

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