Thanks Satan

Yesterday I evoke Satan just to say HI and gave him a few drops of my blood on a candle wick and around. Not on his sigil directly cause I just felt that way.

Actually I was talking with Lucifer pretty often and on one evening I saw and felt something was the way unusual. After my trying to find out what is on the hand, Lucifer told me that Satan feels like I don’t pay enough attention to him, don’t call him and well it really was so but only because I had no time and I usually have no much time these months. Lucifer said he feels like hurt (Satan), I admit it all was like a fun to me cos why the hell Satan would feel anything about me. Like, who am I??? Ok, I’ve explained it’s not like that, they both know what I did so far and what my plans are.

So yesterday Satan came very fast. I told him everything and he said he knows, he just wanted me to trust him more , too, because I almost always talk to Lucifer… or Azazel.
I said well I want you to stay around me all the time but it’s on you. That’s why I never do any banishing when talking about demons like Satan and Lucifer… I want that feeling here cos I like that feeling.
At the end I told him, ok, please give me some surprise, some sign, like when you fucked up the electricity in the kitchen or the night when you bite my arm in my dream, so it was painful all the day long?

During the same day, after some time, I know I closed and opened my eyes like gazing into nothing. No much effort. Like candle flame gaze. But - there was no candle and just between my eyes, a little above where my ayna chakra is, I saw red, red, red light. It was red light circle, my eyes where wide open and it was a day. Now when writing about that I feel a pleasant pain in my 3rd eye. So it was really clear red light, even much nicer than candle gazing. So simple. I could play with that light, move it, make is smaller or try changing forms. But I could never do something like that before. I knew that was his promised sign and his voice followed up - you see, you can do that now as you wish. And i really can.

Would like you to tell me if you have some similar experiences with him?

Ave Satanis!


Your experiences are interesting…

I’m giving a feedback mostly because he asked for me to reply to you. I don’t know why though.

I’ve had many experiences with him heartbreak, fun, love, laughter… You name it.

We are really close… He can get really upset if I don’t pay any attention to him within my day and will try to make me think of him through videos, post or something else.

He can be demanding… Attention wise.

He has gifted me with the ability to hear him with my physical ears. I haven’t exercised it though as much as I know I should. I think it’s because I’m not ready yet. My telepathic communications with him have gotten stronger and he likes to make me Astral project if he wants to spend time with me.

He’s a great teacher though. Has helped me with many things.

I never really evoke him though because he is always there with me… I am very grateful for him. He is my family.