Thanks + Question about past videos


Hi Tim, EA and all,

I want to say a Big Thanks for all of your and EA’s work on creating this site. It’s excellent and a great support to me.
I’ve just placed an order for EA’s Complete Writings book and can’t wait till it’s in my hands later this year.

On separate topic, is it possible to access the past videos?
I’m specifically keen on viewing the Palero EA interviewed you had on your site earier this year?

I’ve been a subscriber to the videos for a while, but in my earlier subscription days, I was travelling a lot and didn’t have much time to check the videos.

So I’m scrounging now…
but is there ANY way that subscribers could access past interview videos with the Palero posted earlier this year?
e.g, via a download link?

Sorry to have to ask. No excuses. I simply didn’t realise it wouldn’t be permanently available. You may have even mentioned that, but I missed it.

Anyway, peace to you and EA for the fantastic website, videos and book.
Happy New Year!



Contact the help desk, if you were a subscriber and missed a month, we’ll give you a link to download the past interview.


Thanks much.