Thanks Leraje! Hail Leraje! Success in making a colleague lose his job!

I contacted Leraje a couple months ago in a bathroom at work to get rid of a co-worker. He is a gay best friend with a female colleague I’m in love with, that she was in love with for the last half year (thanks Leraje for ALSO ending that love! now I just need their friendship to be split apart! And thanks Dantalion for revealing it to me!) and a huge barrier to my spending time and communicating with her to manifest my other workings. It was a totally informal and quick ritual with me staring at the sigil on my phone and aking my request. Not long afterwards he booked a holiday which clashed with the manager’s and which he insisted going on despite being told he might not have shifts on coming back. He went, and I didn’t see him again for a month. I thought it had worked, but then I found he was getting a few shifts again. But today a new guy came in for an interview, and when I enquired about it, I discovered my target is indeed leaving soon. So I am thanking Leraje publicly now and will offer sacrifice when he is permanently gone.

Hail Leraje! For those who have lost hope, the Goetia’s demons always come through. After a day of almost giving up, thinking I’d failed and only gotten a partial, temporary result, I now have firm faith in Leraje and the other workings. It’s just a matter of time, of allowing the work to manifest along the path the demons have set out.

Never forget you are a black magician. Fuck fate. Fuck dharma. Power is yours to shape the world as you want it.


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