Thanks King Paimon

I don’t see an ongoing thread for thanking spirits so I’m writing one to thank King Paimon. I did the first ritual from a book by another author and King Paimon delivered. I promised him acknowledgement on a forum and this is to thank him for his work.

The day after I did the first ritual, I decided to call him once more to be a little more specific. This time I printed his sigil from online. I meditated a bit, lit a black candle, gazed upon sigil until it flashed, recited his enn, and stated my request with the extra details. I offered him some sparkling wine and did license to depart. My astral senses are not open, so I did a yes/no tarot question afterwards and drew a yes, he accepted my request.


Here is the appropriate thread for future reference:


What did he give you ?

Think this should be moved to the correct thread…

It’s got the technique used in it, people can always use the thanking spirits threads but that was mainly for one-line “thank you!” - this is more detailed. :smiley:

Great result @Roamingsoul! :+1: