Thanking Saint Apollonia

As part of my wheeling and dealing with this little known Saint I’m making good on my promise of public praise. Saint Apollonia is known as a Saint of Dentistry and Tooth pain. She had all her teeth violently removed or broken (differs depending on account you read) for not renouncing her faith, then when faced with the option of being burned alive or renouncing her faith she willingly jumped into the flames of the fire set for her.

Regardless of if you dislike the church or their philosophies it’s hard not to respect someone who willingly endures that level of pain due to their beliefs or values. In todays world of belief/pantheon/religion hopping it’s hard to fathom that kind of dedication to one’s spirits or gods regardless of if you like them or not.

Myself being a huge coward when it comes to anything involving dentistry petitioned St. Apollonia as I had a dentist appointment and asked that not only the procedure go as smoothly and painlessly as possible but that my dentist be on top of his game. Once I was at the appointment and the dentist was ready to begiin he kept going back to the xrays and found something that made him decide against the procedure and instead referred me for a dental surgical procedure. So not only did my dentist not get in over his head while prodding around in my mouth but now I get the benefit of being unconscious for the procedure. On top of that he sent me home with some good painkillers. Win win :slight_smile:

I’m not Catholic and do not practice Christianity as a religion so I thought I’d make a point to mention that Saints can be allroached outside the context of their religious role. I work with Saints as more of a type of necromancy as they are nothing more than elevated and venerated dead. This makes them far more capable than the majority of dead spirits one works with when practicing necromantic methods. Also this being a lesser known saint means she was more eager to work for the offerings I specified in my dealings with her.

I did not use any trance state to contact her, only a simple heartfelt petition and an offer of payment if she came through for me…which she did.


So in closing if any of you have any kind of dental issues be it tooth pain, dentist appointment or you’re a huge sniveling sissy like me when faced with the dentist chair seek out the intercession of St Apollonia.


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Boy, i wish i would have read this post before i went in for root canal therapy yesterday :frowning:

After reading this magical success story back in February, it truly couldn’t have come at a better time as I was urgently requiring some dental work due to breaking off some of my wisdom tooth while eating several weeks prior and then dealing with the ensuing exposed nerve pain which was wrapping around the entire right side of my jaw and head. Not fun at all. However, after reading this I was quite ready and willing to petition this saint of whom I had never heard of until TWF posted this and for that I extend a warm and kind thankyou to him.

I didn’t want to create a new thread as my success is an extension of reading this one and as such feels appropriately placed here.

My petition was fairly simple. Meditate down to theta and then speak directly to her image with the knowledge that she would indeed be hearing me. No doubt at all in that state of mind. I asked Saint Apollonia to look over the situation and make it so that my upcoming dental appointment/s would be very easy on my finances and not too distressing as dental in my country is bullshit expensive. I had private health insurance as well which does cover some percentage of the checkups and filling work(general stuff)but does not cover wisdom tooth extraction as I had been with the fund under 12 months, I would still need to wait a few more months to get any cover at all, which for this procedurte wouldn’t be that much. I have to state that I had not visited a dentist for general work for around 4-5 years prior to this inital checkup so I also needed 2 cavities filled, a clean, X-Rays and a wisdom tooth extraction. It was gonna be pricey

To get to the point. I paid all up around $500 for 3 sessions to get my dental health back on track. I was expecting this to be at least $3-4000 as a wisdom tooth alone is usually done under general anaesthetic which brings many other costs such as a hospital bed, so that alone should have been around 3K. My dentist offered to give it a go himself as he also performs some surgeries but also didn’t guarantee he could get it out, only that he would “do his best” as it was a chipped wisdom tooth and quite tricky, but after conveying to him that I hadn’t gone to see the specialist he had referred me too because I wanted to wait and put up with the pain until I could afford it, he offered his services for that procedure. :slight_smile:

First two sessions for checkup and cavities went as planned and as expected financially. The last session, the extraction which I rang my health fund for a quote before I booked it in. They confirmed a very low price after I queried the quote as I shouldn’t have been covered at all as I hadn’t been on the fund long enough. But I double checked so I wouldn’t be the one at fault should there be any problems down the track. He confirmed the quote. Day of extraction comes, the dentist successfully extracts my wisdom tooth saving me thousands in the process by doing it under local anaesthetic. WHen I went to pay they charged me 150 more than I had been quoted. Slightly disgruntled, I paid it. Two days later I rang the health fund asking to know why I was quoted this price but being charged quite a bit more at the clinic. They said they’d get back to me after they checked the phone recording. Two weeks later they told me that they had been so swamped that they hired outsiders (temps) to assist with the influx of calls and I had spoken to a temp who fucked up the quote and due to the legalities of their mistake, they had to pay me back the extra I paid even though I shouldn’t have been covered anyway.

This was a great outcome. My pain was gone, the chipped tooth was out and other worked completed which should have all up cost me 3-4K for under 500. Thankyou so much Saint Apollonia and TWF! I am truly grateful. I have no doubt this Saint played a very big part to play in this turning out the way it did. I gave thanks and gave some offerings. I waited a few months to post this because it felt necessary to hold off for a while for reasons unknown.

I hope this testimony inspires others to work with her as TWF’s post inspired me too. Thanks for reading.