Thanking Belial, Goddess Clementia, and Duke Sallos

Thanking these 3 entities for bringing an ex lover back to someone for me.

Clementia, must have been the most euphoric energy I have ever felt. Literally have never felt so at peace in my life during the evocation.


Asking for a friend as i try stay away from love and love magic to destructive lol
How did you structure your ritual with all three of entity in question all used at once or where they offered to and invoked individually


Clementia was evoked in a separate ritual first. I evoked the targets astral body and clementia charged her with forgiving, calm, and sympathetic energies.

Later I evokes belial and sallos to do what they do, and again I had evoked the targets astral body


May I ask how you evoke Clementia?


Well that was the hard part to figure out because shes not a very well known goddess and was never loved by many so there are no sigils or instructions on how to evoke her. I noticed she hold a bowl in her right hand downward and holds a staff in her left. So I took my offering bowl and a large long object and posed as her while calling her. I decided to use pink candles. I also used lavender incense or something sweet.

Her vibrations were EXTREMELY STRONG and I felt sooooo relaxed and lovely. Whenever i call her I feel as though I can just go to bed. Shes so sweet and gentle, you’ll see what I mean.


I figured out that has been my missing piece. Probably why I have been having Belial coming up on here (and a craving for cinnamon sugar on my toast at breakfast lol). This person is still angry with me, she needs to forgive me

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Yes. Evoke Goddess clementia the goddess of forgiveness. Then use duke sallos. Maybe its better to have someone else do it for you.


This afternoon after reading your post on forgiveness I said a prayer to Clementia, I’m glad you brought that up because really that is a key step that I seem to overlook

How do you go about evoking someone else’s astral body? I’ve seen on here a couple of times that people have done that but I can’t find any information on it. The only thing that comes up on YouTube is going into someone else’s dreams.
Another thing, what I found interesting is I had no idea when people say after a dispute “offer an olive branch” to the other person, i guess it came from her. When I Googled Clementia it said she holds an olive branch.


I guess that was the stick I was referring to.

When i evoke a person it needs to be done while they are asleep unless they know what is going on and freely allow you to evoke them.

Also, its important to use the right planetary hours. Venus in mars or venus in venus (women) for the love ritual after. Everyone here says planets dont matter but thats BS. You can have success without them but if you start to incorporate them and flow with the currents rather then against them, you will see a hell of an increase in your spells actually working more then 50% of the time. So evoke sallos during the right hours


So you would evoke a person as you would a demon? Anything special/specific to say in order to do that? And it doesn’t have anything to do with me astral projecting myself, right? I’m just learning how to do that now.

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Actually I think that is a good idea for anything that is really important to you. Seems to be that the closer you are to what needs to be done the less a chance of it working. I am working on a book on the Goetia right now which cross references a lot of things I have had to look up in different areas

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I literally use their full name and date of birth written down as their sigil. Evoke them the same way and try to visualize where they are to connect to them.



Great thanks, I’m going to do that.

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I know exactly what you mean btw. I contacted Dantalion for an acquaintance to have someone she had feelings for get in touch with her, 48 hours and they were talking, I do these things for myself and nothing


how do u evoke the targets astral body /?

Wjat dp Belial and Sallos do?