Thankfulness Thread

Hello all,
I am a novice magician relatively new to this forum and from the knowledge gained in around a month of reading I have gained knowledge that has helped to transform my life.

I wanted to dedicate a thread to appreciation of the others on this forum who have done a lot of the hard work and effort that makes all our lives a bit easier. This is truly a community, regardless of the isolation that this life style often brings. I feel that many of us are of like mind regardless of how far we are in our journey. We live lives that may not come with much gratitude so I wanted to share mine.

If you feel that I am thanking you personally, please accept this thanks as Im sure most who read this and frequent this forum have directly impacted the changes i mentioned. If you wish to add to this thread with personal or general thanks to others please do so. Note: this is toward other magicians and not necessarily to any entities.

Maybe as assistance to others you might add specific knowledge that has helped you in such profound ways.

To all magicians of this forum, thank you for your help and guidance. May you find truth and peace within yourself.


Iā€™m thankful for the mantis in your pic Zabazu22.


I appreciate that. I chose it not consciously knowing its symbolic meaning but I have come to relate to its imagery more and more.