"Thankfulness" and Magick

So I come from a Christian background. It instilled in me a sense of “thankfulness” to, at least partially, a divine being for the good things in my life. So in magick, I have transferred this from YHWH to “the spirits of magick” and “my spirit guide”. How do you handle the feeling of job if/when something good comes into your life that was not a product of your own actions or Karma?

I have good things happen all the time that were not a result of any magick I have done. Sometimes I think the gods/spirits are just looking out for us and giving us a hand up. There have been a few times when I really needed something but couldn’t find a spell that suited my needs and didn’t trust simply creating a spell for it because it was complicated and I figured I’d miss a key aspect in the spell and may have to repeat it, so instead I started thinking of mundane ways to make these things happen.

Low and behold, the thing I wanted or needed most just came to me out of nowhere under very strange circumstances that normally would not have helped me any. Now, this happens when using the L.O.A. too but occasionally when I know I did not put enough thought into what I needed, did not purposefully try to drive that thing into my life thru the L.O.A. system I start wondering where it came from, how did I get that?

Then I get a particular spirits name in my mind and every time I think of what I got, their name just keeps popping up and I find out they heard me, knew what I needed, and knew that I was too prideful to ask one of them for help so they decided to throw me a bone just for the heck of it. I guess they just figured I deserved whatever it was and didn’t need to work my butt off thru mundane actions to achieve that goal or item.

I just embrace LIFE, and everything in it - it doesn’t have to have come from anywhere, or have any purpose or focus, to be wonderful. :slight_smile: