Thankful for Blessings!

So I was being very impatient and vocal about my last attempt at an obsession spell which seemed to work great and then we hit a wall and went offtrack. Me and the Girl I mean… So I apologized to Lucifer for my impatience. I did a summoning spell for Lucifer today. He didn’t physically appear but I felt his energy. I prayed and burnt candles with my obsession love request engraved in two of them and burnt paper with my request in it. I offered an exchange with my signature on it. Then when i left I felt the energy with me. My house door pulled itself open. When i unlocked it. It was windy but still it pulled open with some force … Then I went to take a nap. And prayed he would come to me in my dreams… I do all these rituals in my car and store the supplies in my trunk… That was important for my dream… So in my dream I was in my car. A street light was turning yellow and I jumped out of my car. My car went down the street almost hit a tree and swerved left over a hill. Came down the other side of the hill did a 180 and was in front of all the traffic ready to go at the street light. So I jumped in the car and woke up… I thought this was an interpretation for what happened in me and the girls relationship. It went out of control and almost crashed. Now I feel Lucifer is telling me that were climbing a hill, taking a turn or coming down the other side and then everything’s gonna turn around and ill be in the best spot or spot I want to be… Then I wake up to a text that someone tagged a bunch of my friends in of a picture of an athlete and she said I thought that was /me\ in a hat. So she is thinking about me… I thought that was awesome because she has ghosted me twice in the past week