Thank you Zagan

Last week I asked on a topic some ways to get back a lost parcel and Zagan got recommended to me

Well my evocation of him was I who asked him to get me back my “property”/parcel as I bought it and they failed to deliver

And 5 days later, just right now it got delivered out of nowhere when it was said lost
So thank you Zagan.
It seems like a small achievement but it is a big one to me and it strengthen my believes that I do in fact evoke correctly(as I haven’t got results from the others evokation so far as it probably need a bit more time because of the size of the request) and that once again Magick work, just let it work smoothly.

Thank you again Zagan !


Awesome! Zagan :heart_eyes: is one of the best to call when things get rough :wink: