Thank you witches of the past


I want to publicly thank the witches that were burned/killed/drowned for being so awesome and strong and not giving up on what you believe in. While I am writing this I feel like they are saying that they appreciate it. So I’m glad :heart:️. I just realized that it may be insensitive to you all to say that that way. I am not saying I am glad that happened to you or that it was a good thing that happened. I just wanted to let you know that I respect what you had to go through and I wanted to let you know that you have not been forgotten. I truly am sorry that you went through those horrible disgusting things. Also welcome back and if I can do anything to help you all please say so.


Anyone else who wishes to do something like this please post here as well :yum:


May the witches rest in peace.
Never forgotten :black_heart: :black_heart:


I bow before those that stood up for their divine birthrights and had more courage to stand against an angry mob or the evil of the “Godly” groups of assassins.


I thank all of those who died for their convictions to the paths of old power. Christian Martyrdom is spoken of (mostly lies, I’ve got sources) but the media and school never cover the pagans/witches/practitioners who bravely stood for their ancestral values in the face of death.


Thank you all, grandmothers and grandfathers, who once again Walk amongst us. Your strength and triumph are worthy of honor.


Thank you to all the brothers and sisters. The mother’s and fathers who led the way. Your lives weren’t lived in vain. Thank you for keeping the light burning inside us as we honor you in deeds and memory .


Agnes Waterhouse, Catherine Deshayes-La Voisin, Marie Bosse- La Bosse, thank you for guiding and inspiring :purple_heart:


The Romans used to feed christians to the lions albeit briefly it gave christians a taste of their own medicine it’s a pity that insidious odious religion hadn’t had the same treatment done to it over the same time frame as they did to pagans and other witchy folk the world would now be in a lot better place. Thank goodness the witches and magicians back then were able to leave a lot of knowledge to be uncovered at a later date We should all be eternally grateful for their sacrifice


Servata fides cineri to the witches, cunning folk, seidr and galdr workers, and those touched by the fae those whose blood flows through my veins.

You’ve left the mortal coil, but your spirits still remain here in power and glory.


The Roman’s also murdered Pagans, let’s not be one sided.
Pagans killed Pagans just as much before the crusades, etc (which was mostly after the Islamic).
I’m sure a history buff could go into details but my point is let’s not make this into a thread hating on anyone okay?

I don’t think that’s the point here.

What we also forget is most of those “burned, etc” did not consider themselves witches and would not want to be called it.
Some were even Christian, or Catholic.
So maybe Honoring those who suffered because of witch scares?


this is also what I feel in this case but I would say it in this way…may be those who had been accused by the manipulative society and power of their non-educated misusing egos, being revoked from harm, suffering so their soul can rise and rest in dematerialized infinite love <3


Hi @Alita I don’t mean it to sound that terrible but i was brought up in and around the sort of christians which spent all my formative years trying to brain wash me into “believe what we believe or its hell and damnation for you” until i was about 6 years old I was terrified, It would be great if every single human could live along side each other but it will never be possible
how could anyone with any empathy at all light a fire to burn someone at the stake
throw a stone at your mother or sister to bring her life to an end because she looked at someone in the village the wrong way
hang draw and quarter someone for their religious beliefs
the lists of ways to get rid of people who don’t agree with us is endless. If someone does me a wrong i will certainly do everything I can to give them justice using as much power that is available to me, and in that respect does that make us any better???
I would wager not …but it is part of humanity which is not nice but it’s human


Many Warlocks and Witches were hung in England durning the middle ages. The Salem Witch Trials were a travesty for all involved. There should a day of remembrance for those that have suffered under the Witch Trials or even the Inquisition.


Did… You see what I wrote? O. o
For one the Salem deaths were not witches it was crazy Puritans killing other crazy Puritans.

In Europe, those people were not witches. Hell one was a priest that got repeatedly tortured with near drowning before finally being killed.
And the inquisition killed any and everyone who didn’t like them.
One man who was put on trial as “a witch” but not executed was the author Don Miguel De Cervantes.

Guys, we should care but let’s get facts correct okay?

And @Herbie, a lot here could say they’ve been in that place or are still there. An eye for an eye isn’t how everyone sees the world; being like those you hate isn’t the only option, but as I said before that’s not what this thread is about, please don’t derail it anymore okay?


I praise the Witch Of Endor whose true name has been long-forgotten, thou did not deceive me as you were once deceived. Skilled necromancer and wise woman, I thank you, kind-hearted familiar spirit. You were the last one left, after you’d witnessed our kind get sent into exile or be persecuted by the men of King Saul. Witch Of Endor, you are a survivor, you are ancient and you are wise. Thank you