Thank you to Kings Belial and Paimon

I have been working with King Belial for 9 months now and it has been so amazing. His brutal honesty and lessons (while due to my stubbornness have been hard) have helped me grow so much and know my own power and I want to publicly thank him! Thank you Belial!

I also want to mention that any time I went to reach out to anyone else, I either felt nothing… or I felt conflicted and pulled away but recently I have felt drawn to King Paimon. I find myself drawing his sigil often and have begun evoking him. I’m not sure where this connection is coming from but if you feel called to give advice… please do.

I look forward to the next step in this journey.

Hail King Belial
Hail King Paimon


Everytime I evoke spirits I also feel King Paimon’s call…

Can you be a little more specific about the help that Belial provided to you? What changed exactly?

Belial, from my experience, is all about making sure I’m doing the work. The more I put it in… the more he puts in. But when it’s time to shift gears, he’ll give me a nod because everything starts to get really chaotic in my life. That’s when I’ll go and meditate. Sit and speak with him.

A shift was coming and I felt a urge during my meditations to reach out and work with someone new. But each time I would begin to look into someone and maybe even start evoking… either nothing happened or I just felt wrong. I can’t explain it. It’s almost like Belial was blocking me. He was saying “pick one” and when I would reach out he’d slap my hand really hard and be like “I said pick one but not that one… keep trying…”.

It wasn’t until I came to Paimon that I felt a sense of peace. No slap on the hand. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Those entities you tried to work with and got blocked, were they Angels or daemons?

So in short, Belial pushed you to accomplish your work , and if you didn’t your life would become chaotic?

I’ve been working with archangels only, after every angelic evocation I felt King Paimon swarming in my head…

Belial might help me and push me towards working more IRL (which is my desire) but I feel like Michael is doing this job already even though he’s pushing me very smoothly without creating chaos or whatsoever. Angelic magick is subtle but effective in the long run

Interesting thing about King Paimon. It seems like his celestial aspects, or empyrean “frequency” is hardly ever talked about.

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More like things stayed stagnant if I didn’t do anything. No growth. But if I accomplish my goal…. and achieved what I was after… when it was time to grow again and level up, things would get crazy. Through the chaos I learn just how powerful I can be.

And I was able to connect with Santa Muerte. Outside of her, nothing. Sitri, beelzebub, Asmodeus. Maybe I was just doing something wrong… but it felt more like Belial’s guidance. Belial has been great for me, he might be for you too! I look forward to working with Paimon.

I think it was more the feeling I was getting from Belial that was calm. I don’t know if it was Paimon giving me that feeling.