Thank you to Cozier!

I thought there used to be a thread for this and I couldn’t find it so I apologise if I missed it and posted in the wrong place.

So I was taking my son to school and due to an injury I suffered this week I didn’t get gas as I normally would. It just totally slipped my mind. My sons school is as far from my house as it could possibly get without leaving town, just miles away and no gas in between.
I drop him off and head back, but as I do I look down and realize, I’m on E. Not just starting on E but like full on EMPTY! I’m in trouble and I can’t walk. I’m franticly trying to figure out how my crutches are going to get me the miles and miles home when the sigil I keep in my car of Cozier falls from it’s resting place above the visor.

Worth a shot. I thought.
So I ask.
Cozier, my Friend, please help me get to the gas station. I’ll tell everyone how amazing and wonderful you are! You’ve never let me down!
(He hasn’t)
I look down, and my gas gauge twitches.
Honest to Lucifer I would not have believed it- if I hadn’t seen it myself.
It moved. First a little. Then more. And eventually the needle moved to a whole quarter tank!
My jaw dropped.
I stopped breathing.
I stammerd “thank you, your fucking amazing I love so much!”
I made it to the gas station which was FARTHER than my house with gas to spare.
Yeah. Cozier. :heart::joy:


So amazing!

@Lady_Eva I am sure that you would love this!

Hail Cozier!


Dude is badass! I called on him to protect me right when I got my motorcycle. I was saved from several near misses including a trailer fishtailing into my lane at 90mph during a ride up a winding canyon with a group who didn’t understand “new riders don’t average 90mph through turns yet” and decided to haul ass as fast as they could to a location I’d never been to.

I had to risk my life just to see where they were going. They gloated and got all “lol I’m such a badass!” and it took great restraint not to deck them in the face. (Average speed means a million times more than peak speeds while racing. The back is always the most dangerous place for a new rider to be because to keep up they have to often exceed 120mph on straight stretches to make up for the time they lose in curves going 50-70. The other guys just roll 90 the whole way and they lose you fast until you get comfortable at deep lean angles.)

Anyway, Cozier helped me a lot. Guy is awesome for sure and I’m glad to acknowledge him again here!


Yes he is a great ally. Since Bael is my patron demon I had very easy contact with Cozier and he immediately deflated all the unwanted prayers that were affecting my state of mind. It’s like he wraps you in his wings and the church can do nothing. I really appreciate having him around and I have his sigil pinned above my bed. I feel his presence has also aided me in astral projection as there were some religious individuals who knew I projected and attempted (they failed) to “ground” me in my attempts and I found Cozier swept these people away like one would take out the trash. I plan to offer him uncured applewood smoked bacon and Jimmy Dean sage sausage very soon as I hear he likes pork.

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Amazing read!!

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Ohhhh man! Hail Cozier!

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He does! He’s very fond of pork products. However, I can’t eat pork so usually I will share a meal with him consisting of something like a spinach salad with nuts and berries on my side and a nice portion of pork on his it’s like dinner with a friend.

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